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Value of a FossilStrictly speaking, all value is subjective. Something is worth what someone will pay for it. The only thing you can say is worth $X is X U.S. dollar bills or coins. That may sound pedantic, but it is especially true when talking about the value of fossils. First, every fossil is unique. That means that it is difficult to say, for example, that a trilobite is a worth a certain amount. You would need to take into account the condition, species, size, etc. Second, the fossil market isn't as active as some other collectibles markets. For example, since there are so many Baseball card buyers and sellers it is possible to print up collector's guide books with estimated values for cards in different conditions. The market for fossils just isn't that active. On the bright side, the internet is a great blessing to fossil collectors, especially a little old site called eBay. Lots of fossils are being bought and sold on eBay every day. If you want a very rough estimate of what yours is worth, try searching the current and expired auctions for something similar. Even better, sell the fossil on eBay. That will tell you exactly what it is worth.


As a seasoned fossil collector, I just want to add, that as you become more expereanced, you begin to get an idea of when it's a great deal, and when your getting ripped off. Fossils can go for as little as 50 cents all the way into the millions. The most expensive fossil ever bought was Sue, the largest and most complete T.Rex skeleton yet discovered.

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Q: How much are fossils worth?
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trilobite fossils are worth commonly around $60- $80. but depending on the size could be worth more or less.

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Small fossils, such as dino droppings sell for 1.000 Bells. Skeletal fossils will sell for up to 5.000 Bells. I know that the T-Rex fossils sell for 5.000 and the Ptera fossils sell for 4.500.

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How much is worth?

I worth over $20 billion

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