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How much are m Chapman oil paintings worth?

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M chatman paintings worth

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How much are alejandro hidalgo oil paintings worth?

Answering "How much are alejandro hidalgo oil paintings worth?"

How much is Estacian Benjamin cien oil paintings worth?

These paintings usually sell from about $200. Some of her larger paintings have sond for about $600.

How much are Bob Ross oil paintings worth?

About £5000 what is that in American currency?

How much are Marie Charlotte oil paintings worth?

Me!? Your asking me to do this!? Well if you want to know the parcital awnser, here it is, they cost a ton of money! Even me being a a realy good artist.

How much aare h hargrove paintings worth?

delta queen oil painting by H Hargrove

What is everett woodson oil paintings worth?

I just bought one for &20.00 from an individual. It is very large and I am sure it is worth much more than I paid. It is in excellent shape. It was worth for me and I want to share my source where I just purchase this precious painting. You can also purchase some amazing paintings from here specially oil paintings.

How much are W Chapman's Oil Paintings worth?

W. Chapman's paintings are worth anywhere from 200$'s to 1000$'s depending on the size. what or where is the best place in NJ or ny to have my painting appraised

How much is a klitz painting worth?

Prices for original oil paintings are in the region of 6 to 8 hundred pounds

How much are oil paintings by elio corsi worth?

I am not sure how much they are worth, but Elio Corsi was the American-used name of a Tuscan pinter, artist, named Ernesto Scudiero. Most of his paintings sold for about $850 25 years ago.

How much is R Burnett Paris street sense oil paintings worth?

Between €400 and €600 when in good shape

How much is a thomas locker oil painting worth?

actual oil paintings I have seen can go from 3500 (small) to 15000 (large), lithographs and serigraphs 200 - 500

What are the numbers on the back of oil paintings?

I have a painting with a number on the back of it. How can I tell what it is worth?

How much are W Chapman's Oil Paintings?


How much are Shirley Gorelick oil paintings worth?

Shirley Gorelick was a famous realist painter whose works have been featured in numerous national museums. Her paintings are highly collectible, and even damaged pieces could retail for as much as 10,000 dollars.

What are paintings by Herschel E Fullen worth?

Depending on size but gennerally 200.00 to 400.00 for a oil.

Are A montoya oil paintings of value?

are A Montoya oil paintings forth

Storing oil paintings?

I am an artist and I store my oil paintings in the freezer with fish surrounding them

Are oil paintings signed MARTEN worth anything?

I have a oil paining of a English cottage garden. had it for about 20 yrs signed MARTEN is it of any value ?

Is there any monetary value in an oil painting by artist J Arlet?

Yes, many of the paintings are very valuable. Many of the paintings are worth a price close to $3,000 each.

What is a painting by renoir little Irene on harboard worth?

Original oil paintings by Renoir are worth tens of millions of dollars. Copies can be bought cheaply on the Internet.

What is an oil painting by Thomas Bigelow Craig worth?

"Watercolor paintings by Thomas Bigelow Craig go for about $3,500. There is one on ebay right now that is going for that and has an appraisal/ certificate of authenticity. So, oil paintings are more expensive, I guess."

What type of art is in Italy?

there is oil paintings and there is regular paintings

What mediums has Goya used for his Maja paintings?

They are oil paintings.

What type of paintings did the renaissance do?

i do not know but i think its oil paintings

Will it harm oil paintings to be near a fireplace?

Being too close to a fireplace or experiencing too much smoke damage will damage an oil painting. Expert restoration artists can restore paintings if they have been damaged.