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How much are you charged per kilowatt hour on a residential rate?


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It differs from region to region and country to country. The cost is dependant on the method the electricity is generated. One of the lowest production costs is hydro electrical generation. I pay 8 cents a kilowatt hour.

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Residential Electric RateCost per Kilowatt Hour (Cents) as of 9/1/11 Single Family Dwelling8.850Basic Service$10.00

This can be only calculated by knowing what the wattage draw of the fridge is and what the utility company charges you per kilowatt hour. To find the wattage multiply the amps times the volts of the fridge. To find the kilowatt/hour you are charged, look on your utility bill or call the company and ask what you are charged per kilowatt hour.

all inclusive, use 10 cents for any estimates and you are good to go. one kilowatt hour will run a 1hp electric motor or 17 60 watts light bulbs for one hour. OR 1 kwh is enough to leave one light bulb on for 17 hours.AnswerYou are not charged by the kilowatt (power) but by the kilowatt hour (energy). Check with your electricity supply company to find out how much they charge per kilowatt hour.

Approximately 5 kilowatt hours. Check your electric bill to see what you are charged per kilowatt hour.

$0.91200 per Kilowatt-Hour (kWh) Yanceyville NC (2006)

h does electricity cost per kilowatt hour at wales?

In North America it is kilowatt/hour. A kilowatt is 1000 watts. To find out how much your utility company charges you per kilowatt/hour, look on your utility bill. On my bill it is .08 cents for every kilowatt/hour that I consume.

10.20 to 16.73 cents per kilowatt hour http://michaelbluejay.com/electricity/cost.html

1 kilowatt means a continuous power flow of 1000 watts, and in one hour the energy expended is 1 kilowatt-hour, also known as 1 kWh or Unit.

1 kilowatt is 1000 watts, a measure of power, which is the rate at which energy is converted. Energy is measured in kilowatt-hours. (the question is the same as asking: 'how far is a knot?') But a kilowatt running for 1 hour converts 1 kilowatt-hour. If running for 10 hours it is 10 kilowatt-hours. Hope that helps.

Anything that uses 40 kilowatts would use 40 kilowatt-hours for each and every hour.

The average home fluorescent lamp consumes 40W of power. Running for one hour it will consume 0.04 KWh. Units of electricity are charged per Kilowatt hour.

To answer this just multiply the lamp wattage by what you are charged per kilowatt hour by your utility power company. 400 watts = .4 Kw.

It's different in different areas & at different times.Additional AnswerThere is no such thing as a kilowatt per hour. You are probably thinking of a kilowatt hour (kW.h) -which is a unit of measurement for energy. As the first answer says, it varies according to which company supplies you.

The formula you use is, Kilowatts x hours x price you are charged per kilowatt/hour (usually about .07 to 10 cents a kilowatt/hr). 1000 watts = 1 kW.

1 kWh is equivalent to 3,6.106 joules.

2.8 cents per kilowatt hour


Your term "hydro" is another term for kilowatt hours. So to answer your question a 4800 watt heater on for an hour would consume 4.8 kilowatt/hours. To take it further if you knew what you pay for a kilowatt hour in your area, multiply it by 4.8 and you could see how much it costs you to operate the heater. An example if you pay .11 cents a kilowatt hour, the price would be .528 or 53 cents an hour.

To answer this just multiply the lamp wattage by what you are charged per kilowatt hour by your utility power company. 40 watts = .04 Kw.

A power of 1000 watts is one kilowatt, so in one hour the energy used is one kilowatt-hour, also known as one Unit.

100%! dont leave lights on for ever!To answer the question (!)...Multiply the power-rating of the lamp, converted to kilowatts, by the length of time it is on, converted to hours. This tells you how much energy has been wasted, in kilowatt hours. You then need to find out the cost per kilowatt hour charged by your utility.

The produce about 2,300 KWH(kilowatt hour) a year.

A kilowatt hour is a unit of work or energy, and the product of power in kilowatts and time in hours. So, for example, it can be the work done, at a rate of one kilowatt, over a period of one hour.

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