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The amount of bacteria killed by steam depends on various factors such as temperature, exposure time, and bacterial species. Steam can be an effective method for killing bacteria as the heat can denature and destroy proteins essential for bacterial survival. However, some heat-resistant bacteria may require higher temperatures or longer exposure times to be effectively killed by steam.

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Q: How much bacteria gets killed from steam?
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How much water is requried to condense per ton of steam?

50 times of steam

Why are bacteria able to produce large number in such a short period of time?

Bacteria use binary fission( splitting into two identical bacteria) to reproduce, They do this at such a high rate and short time that can grow in number very fast. They reproduce so quickly so they can survive because if they did not have the numbers they had they would be killed much more quickly.

Why was the mixture of heat-killed S bacteria and R bacteria and R bacteria virulent?

It depends on how much heat is added. Most pathogenic bacteria are mesophiles, meaning that they thrive in medium temperatures. The optimal temperature is about 37 °C (99 °F), which is understandable considering that is our normal body temperature. Pathogenes in food are required to be killed off with 72 °C for 16 seconds, 70 °C for 2 minutes or 63 °C for 30 min. Regulations depend on country. This does not kill all pathogens, but enough to make it risk free to consume; one wants to reduce the adverse effect on taste at the same time. For conserves a higher temperature is prescribed: 121 °C. Freezing and dry heat are not safe ways to kill bacteria, as they can survive in an extremely resistant spore state (endospores). At 150 °C the DNA starts to be destroyed, however. If you heat bacteria using flame, such as with an inoculating loop over a Bunsen burner, they will be incinerated and die. Most bacteria are washed off, not killed, when you wash your hands. Usually shower and bath water is not hot enough to kill bacteria either. Alcohol is antiseptic, however. Some thermophilic bacterialike organisms can tolerate volcanic temperatures (to 130 °C), but these are archaea that will not harm anyone.

Where are these bacteria?

bacteria is everywhere in your water, in your body, on your food pretty much everywhere in the universe.

Is bacteria found in a prairie?

Yes, there is bacteria in prairies. A group of bacteria from phylum Verrucomicrobia seems to be especially abundant according to recent studies. There is still much to learn about the role of this bacteria.

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How much bacteria does Ivory soap kill?

89.73 percent of all bacteria is killed within the area treated.

How much wildlife gets killed in Puget Sound?

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What heating boiler system does empire state building has?

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Why is it necessary to heat milk at 85 c?

Milk contains bacteria that cause tuberculosis and other diseases. When milk is heated to 85c, all of the tuberculosis bacteria and disease causing bacteria are killed, and most of the bacteria are killed that causes milk to spoil. So, it makes milk safe to drink. The process is called Pasteurization. That technique greatly reduced tuberculosis in the United States making it much lower than in places where people use raw milk.

What is steam rate?

Steam rate means how much mass of steam entering into system per time.........

How much steam is required to produce 5 MW power in steam turbine?

How much steam is required to produce 5 MW power in steam turbine?In fully condensing turbine we will need 20 TPH steam required to generate for 5MW

Can you use steam cleaner on pergo floor?

Steam cleaners are not recommended for Pergo or laminate floors because regular use will cause the substrate to swell as moisture gets between the seams. This can cause the flooring to buckle and come apart. Steam can be worse than regular mopping this way, because it is more permeable, and can get down between the cracks and into the substrate. Some people still believe, since steam cleaners use less and evaporate quicker, that steam cleaning is safer than cleaning with a bucket-and-mop. While it can depend on how hot your cleaner gets and how much moisture it puts out, and if your seams are only on the perimeter, in the long term it is inadvisable to steam-clean laminate floors.

Why did steam rise off the titanics funnels?

Because the titanics boilers did not measure how much steam was boiling if there was to much steam it would go out the funnels that were 63 feet high.

Why should you never use ice in an unknown sroce of water?

The contaminants are concentrated in the void spaces in the ice crystals. Bacteria, floaties, everything. They are really not much safer than the water they are made from. (Some bacteria are killed by freezing, but probably not enough.)

How much steam will 100 lbs of water make?

100 lbs of steam. The volume that the steam will occupy will depend on the pressure.

How much one was go with the first steam locomotive of stephenson?

how much one was go with the first steam locomotive of stephenson?

How much water is requried to condense per ton of steam?

50 times of steam