Giant Pandas

How much bamboo do baby pandas eat?

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How much do panda cubs eat?

Grown pandas eat roughly 80 pounds of bamboo per day, or 2500 bamboo leaves. Baby pandas can eat around 40 pounds per day.

How do baby pandas eat?

Baby pandas will nurse from their mother for the first few months of their life. After that, they will feed on bamboo.

What type of grass do pandas eat?

Pandas do not eat any grasses. They eat bamboo.

What do pandas do most of their time?

eat bamboopoosleepeat bamboopoosleepeat bamboopoosleepbasically they are boringoh btw baby pandas play alot...they are more fun

What part of bamboo do pandas eat?

Pandas eat only the leaves and shoots of the bamboo.

How much do pandas eat?

They eat about 200-300 bamboo shutes a day.Pandas eat the roots, leaves, and stocks of Bamboo. They eat 58-84 pounds of bamboo everyday.

What do baby pandas eat?

milk from their mother until 5, 6 months then they can eat bamboo

Why do giant pandas eat so much bamboo?

Giant pandas eat so much bamboo because they need it. They need the water and the nutrients. The average giant panda can eat upwards of 30 pounds of bamboo per day.

Why do pandas eat bamboo so much?

its their favorite food!

Do pandas eat meat?

no, they eat bamboo!

What kind of bamboo do pandas eat?

they eat green bamboo

What species of bamboo do pandas eat?

There isn't a species they eat but there is just bamboo.Bamboo isn't the only thing pandas eatthere are 20 species of bamboo that pandaz eat, like sword bamboo and umbrella bamboo.

Do pandas eat people?

No, pandas only eat bamboo.

What do pandas have to eat in the wild?

Pandas have bamboo to eat in the wild.

How much bamboo do koalas eat?

Koalas don't eat any bamboo. Koalas eat leaves of Eucalytus trees.

Do pandas eat eucalyptus?

No. Pandas eat bamboo. Some people confuse pandas and koalas, believing that koalas eat bamboo. This also is untrue.

Who is the red pandas prey?

they eat bamboo they eat bamboo

How many pounds of bamboo do pandas eat?

Giant pandas eat about 80 pounds of bamboo a day

How much bamboo does a panda eat a day?

Giant pandas eat 20-30 pounds of bamboo each day.

Why do pandas eat?


What should pandas eat instead of bamboo?

Bamboo is their food, that is what they eat.

What do giant pandas always eat?

Giant pandas eat bamboo.

How does bamboo help pandas?

Bamboo is the main food source of pandas. Pandas need to eat bamboo in order to have enough energy and not starve.

Why do pandas live with bamboo?

Because they eat bamboo.

What eats bamboo?

Pandas and gorillas eat bamboo.