How much better do schools do that have stricter dress codes?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Well, I believe in a strict dress code. I don't think we should wear uniforms, though.

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In some cases they do but in most cases they don't. The main reason for dress codes is so kids do not fight or tease over who has better clothes.

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This depends on where the high school is located and what its rules are. For example, in places like Japan and Mexico, students wear uniforms, but even that depends on the area.

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Q: How much better do schools do that have stricter dress codes?
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Do modern high schools allow short skirts?

Most High Schools today have stricter dress codes than they have in the past. Skirts normally should be to the knee.

After the Columbine high school massacre what changed about high schools?

They had stricter gun control and dress codes. Most schools now, or mine atleast, is worried about baggy pants. and they had more security cameras and school police.

Do golf courses have dress codes?

Yes nearly all golf clubs do. And the more exclusive they are the stricter they are.

what schools have dress codes?


Are kids that go to schools where uniforms are not worn in gangs?

No not at all. Most, if not all schools have dress codes. Some are stricter than others. Some schools require uniforms to be worn but many do not. It just simply means that the kids who are not in uniforms go to a school that does not require them to wear uniforms.

Are student dress codes really needed?

Yes. The dress codes, or uniforms in some schools (particularly European and Asian schools) are vital to helping in promoting the image of the educational institution. The better the institution looks, the more students the school gains. Therefore the more money they earn to buy better resources in order to be able to provide better education to students. Uniforms or dress codes in schools are also preparing young people for the world of work, where uniforms or dress codes are a way of adult life. Uniforms in schools also promote equality between students and lessens bullying in schools which is normally student differences, because the uniforms eliminate the differences by giving everyone the same image. While many people agree with the reasons, above, for instituting dress codes in schools, there are also many people who do not consider those reasons to be valid, or important enough to justify further regimenting the students.

Why should schools have dress codes?

Schools should have dress codes because as a school the students don't want to be made fun of by their religous orders and how they dress so if all the students wear the same thing no one will be made fun off

Are there any girls boarding schools in America with no uniforms?

Yes, but most have dress codes.

Why do schools start dress codes?

Schools start dress codes so the students look formal and so that no person feels insecure that they can not afford the latest expensive clothing and are not made fun of. It helps a lot of people. also they make it so that people cannot dress inappropriately.

What do some schools do about PE clothing?

they make you dress out in comfortable clothes to exercise better

Why are dress codes so important?

Yes, all jobs and professions have dress codes. It sets the stage for attitude while working or going to school. In a school it also gives standards of proper dress for school and guidelines for teachers and students.

What are some expert opinions about dress codes?

some opinions about dress codes is that people say that having dress codes help you concentrate and learn. Also,if you have a dress code you have to shop more. And another fact is that the uniforms will get dirty during classes and stained. Also normal clothes are better because they are more confortable. And the last reason is that with a dress code you can't express yourself.