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There is no fixed amount of content borrowed that indicates whether you have bordered the line of plagiarism. However, every piece of information borrowed whether it being a great piece of information or something minuscule and insignificant you used in your assignment MUST be cited (inter-referenced and referenced). This means that you can use an endless amount of borrowed information putting it into your own words as long as you inter-reference each sentence and as for taking a sentence word for word, it is generally averaged at two sentences per paragraph. Also keep in mind that the 'introduction' as well as the conclusion should be mainly your opinion of the topic hence it should be in your words.

Below is an example of an introduction to an essay on 'Funeral Blues' and how to inter-reference a paragraph.

"Funeral Blues" was written by English poet Wystan hugh Auden. The poem was originally written during the inter-war period whereby major political movements were made and then later re-written, as song IX in Two songs for Hedli Anderson, (Mendelson, 5). Due to the fact that numerous writers such as 'George Orwell', who wrote Animal Farm, and other well-known poets during the time of the inter-war period, experimented with satire, it could imply to us that "funeral Blues" was written as that of political satire; conveying messages of moral and political issues while mocking the politicians' declamatory style, (Yemenici 3-4).

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Q: How much borrowed text from a report constitutes plagiarism?
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