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millions and millions of dollars, i personally bought one for 1.5 million dollars, it was worth it

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โˆ™ 2012-09-10 06:59:28
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Q: How much can Matisses artwork go for?
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What was matisses favorite painting?

How the hell do I know!

Did Henri Matisses get married?

yes he was married

When is Henri matisses birthday?

December 31, 1869

What was Henri matisses wife called?

amelie noellie parayre

What were the names of Henri matisses children?

marguerite matisse and Pierre Matisse

What topic did much of artwork involve?


How much is artwork by Barrie J Davies?

the artwork of barrie j davies ranges from £0.10 to £1,000,000.00

What is Henri Matisses medium?

Oil paint, watercolor, sculpture, paper cuttings, ...

How to you stop your itunes from syncing album artwork onto your ipod?

if you right click on the album go to album artwork and you press no album artwork or something like that i did it my self

How do you price your artwork?

You see how much people will pay for it.

Who were Henri matisses famous artistic friends?

Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh

How much was wassily kandinsky's artwork worth?

1.3 million

How much do you get pay as a art person?

Depends how good your artwork is.

How much artwork did Picasso make?

!6840 works are catalogued.

What was Henri Matisses favourite colour?

A professional painter cannot have just one favorite color.

What was Henri Matisse's most famous painting?

jazz was one of matisses most famous paintings.

How do you sell artwork locally?

To sell artwork locally you should go to your local libary and ask them could you hold an exhibition of your work there (if suitable) and what ever sells you should donate how ever much you want to a charity of your choice. This helps you and its for a good cause.

How much does artwork on iTunes cost?

i believe it doesnt cost anything.

What was matisses most famous painting?

He has a several famous paintings but to get you started, I'd say that "The Dance" (1909)

How do you delete artwork on Deviant art?

Go to your gallery, then click on the artwork that you wish to delete. When you're looking at the artwork, a button that says "Delete Deviation" should be somewhere on the right hand side of the screen. (You may have to scroll down a tad, if your your artwork a large size.) Hope I helped! :)

How do you put album artwork on an iPod with songs from another source than iTunes?

First, Get the album name. Then you go to wikipedia or google images then type the album name right-click then click save as put the file name. go to itunes highlight the songs in the same album. Press ctrl I, go to artwork then press add press ok there you go album artwork

How can I purchase artwork of roy riethmiller?

i got a painting how much is it worth by riethmiller

How do you put artwork on an ipod nano?

you right click on the song that you want to put artwork to then go to get info then art work and then copy and paste the image and sync the ipod

How do you spell artwork?

That is the correct spelling of "artwork."

What type of artwork does Plies do?

What type of artwork does Plies do?