Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was a French printmaker, draftsman, sculptor, and painter best known for his original and fluid draftsmanship, and his expressive use of color. His paintings include the “Fruit and Coffeepot,” “Vase of Sunflowers,” and the “Blue Pot and Lemon.”

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Henri Matisse

When and where did Henri Matisse die?

He died on 3 November 1954 (1954-11-04)

in a place called Nice, France

Henri Matisse
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Who was Henri Frederic Frasse?

Henri Frederic Frasse (1781-1849) was the father of Peter A. Frasse who founded a company of that name in NYC. It was later called Peter A. Frasse and Co., Inc.. According to the link below some of the records of the earlier company go back to 1818. See the Related Links for "dlib.nyu.edu/frasse" to the bottom for the answer.

Henri Matisse

Did Matisse use complementary colours?

Henri Matisse

What religion was Henri Matisse?

Roman Catholic.

Henri Matisse
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What were two famous artists in the 1600's?

Rembrandt and Vermeer

Henri Matisse

What is Henri matisse wife name?

SOMETHING LIKE AMELIE PARAYRE IM NOT 100 PERCENT SO yeah but i do no that she was totally hot

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Henri Matisse

20th century French painter and sculptor famous for works such as 'Woman with a Hat' and 'The Dance'?

Henri Matisse.

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Henri Matisse

When was Matisse's Icarus Jazz done?


Wine and Champagne
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Henri Matisse

The Dessert Harmony in Red?

A Painting by H Matisse.

Henri Matisse

Why did Matisse use bright colours?

because he felt like it

Henri Matisse

Why did Henri Matisse start drawing Goldfish?

Goldfish is not a drawing - it is a painting.

Artists choose their subjects for reasons seldom known to other people.

Henri Matisse

What are some facts about Henri Matisse?

He made paintings and cutouts.

He was very versatile: apart from oil painting he made pencil drawings, ink drawings, sculptures, glass and wall designs, textiles, ...

He is especially famous for his decoupées (paper cutouts) he made during the last part of his life.

Wife, one daughter, two sons.
Henri Matisse was a famous artist.

he was one of the most influential and well known artists of the 20th century.

he started painting when he was in law school and was sick with apendicitis, and his mother brought him paints to cheer him up. he then decided to become an artist. his dad was mad, because his dad wanted him to be a lawyer.

search henri matisse on google and click on the wikipedia link for really good information.

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Henri Matisse

Where did Henri Matisse's decoupage art start?

Italy in the 18th century.

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Henri Matisse
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What was the first painting based on linear perspective?

It is believed that the first painter to use linear perspective was Polygonus, in 5th Century BC Greece. We cannot be certain because Greeks painted only on wooden boards, none of which survive. The first modern painting to depict linear perspective was Masaccio's "The Tribute Money" which was done in Florence, Italy in the early 15th Century. It depicts a new testament story.

Henri Matisse

How many artworks did Henri Matisse paint?

over 215

Henri Matisse

What is the precise date when Henri Matisse painted 'Vase of Sunflowers'?

It was painted in 1898. No more precise date is given.

Henri Matisse
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What brush strokes did Matisse use while painting 'The Snail'?

"The Snail" is not a painting - it is a collage of bits of colored paper.

Henri Matisse

Why did Henri Matisse do cutouts?

You will need to go to your doctor and get medicine to treat this. If you do not treat this problem it could become very serious and could harm you and shorten your life.

Henri Matisse

What medium was Matisse's Icarus Jazz made with?

Cut out paper and paste

Henri Matisse

Why did Henri Matisse paint the green line?

He wanted colors to be expressive or even obnoxious.

Henri Matisse

Describe characteristics of Fauvist style in Madame Matisse The Green Line by Henri Matisse?

The colors Matisse chose are not realistic; he chose them for their expressive qualities.

Henri Matisse

What equipment did Henri Matisse use?

For painting he used the usual equipment like brushes etc. For the cutouts he used colored paper which he cut with scissors.

Henri Matisse

How many kids and wives did Henri Matisse have?

One wife, three kids.

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was the leader of which artistic movement?


Henri Matisse

What materials did Henri matisse use on 'spray of leaves'?

Matisse used cut paper


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