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The rated towing capacity is 2000 lbs.

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The car is only rated to tow 1500 lbs..

No, 2000 Grand Cherokees did not. 1999 models do, but it was dropped in 2000. You do you have a Power Steering cooler though. V8's with the tow package are rated to tow 6,500 pounds MAX.

You have to remove the driveshaft to tow with a dolly.

There is a tow truck in The Lost and Damned expansion pack, but you cannot tow anything.

The Grand Cherokee is rated to tow 5,000 pounds, so aslong as you are under that, yes.

The tow capacity is 2000 pounds for the I6 motor.

it depends on the tow hitch size. if it is a classs 3 hitch you could toe a max of 5,000 pounds but it will not be all that easy.

Nothing. There are no V6's in 94 Cherokees.

No. A 2001 needs towed four up or four down.

How much weight can a 2004 Avalanche tow

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, year 2000 with a 4.7L V8 and a factory 2" receiver can tow a max 6500 lbs.

Yes, a 1999 Acura Integra can be towed behind an RV. A RV will tow several types of cars and trucks.

Not if it is a classic 1999 siverado.

Properly equipped it can perhaps tow a small travel trailer

how much weight can a ford transit 100bhp tow

You can if you remove the rear drive shaft.

How much a tow truck can tow depends on the kind of tow truck or tow truck chassis is used. A few examples of types of tow trucks are boom, hook and chain, wheel lift, flatbed, and integrated.

Yes, just find the tow truck using the cheats.

You call a tow truck and they will lift the front wheels

Yes. Make sure that the transmission is in Neutral and that the transfer case is also in Neutral.

The tow truck is in the scrapyard next to the river south of sanfierro and next to mount chilliad.

7200 pounds. With the tow/haul button on!

I would not recommend you tow anything with a 1965 Classic Corvair. Not designed to tow.

You can flat tow a 2wd only if you remove the rear driveshaft.

The front wheels need to be off the ground.

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