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The Amount of downloading will depend on your hardware space on your computer. Otherwise it's basicly limitless to the amount.

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Can you download cities for sim city 4?


How do you get downloads on to sim city 4?

You can go to the Sim City 4 website (Google it) and go to the downloads option. They have lots to download.

Where can you download simcity 4 full vsion free?

sim city 4

What are the sim city cheats?

Tell us which Sim City game? 1.Sim City 2.Sim City 2000 3.Sim City 3000 4.Sim City 4 5.Sim City 4: Rush Hour 6.Sim City Societies 7.Sim City Societies: Destinations 8.Sim City DS 9.Sim City Snap City Tip: Just go online

Games similar to The Sims?

Spore, Sim City, Sims City 2000 and Sim City 3000, Sim City 4, The sims mid evil.

Where can you download the money tree for sim city 4 deluxe edition?

How much those sim city 4 cost?

Depends what country you are in.

Can you play sim city 4 without the original sim city?

Yes, I only have Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition so I would assume that the first Sim City isn't necessary.

Where can you download the full version of Sim City 4 for free on mac?

the only way to get it for free is to look for it on and torrent it

Can a Sim have 4 babies?

Only if you download something.

Can you walk on sim city 4?


Can you eat on sim city 4?


What is the difference about sim city 4 deluxe and sim city 4?

Sim-city 4 Deluxe gives you a extra wide range of buildings and transportation systems as-well as maybe some expansion packs that include 3 European cities.

When will The Sims 4 create a sim demo be released?

It already is. Just type in Create a sim demo sims 4 on your browser and download!

Can you Play a Sim In Sim city 4?

I dont know im asking you nimrod

Can you play sim city 4 on windows vista?


What are some good city games?

Sim City 1,2,3 and 4 These are my favorite city games

What is Sim City 4?

Sim City 4 is a PC game where you get to mayor your own city! In the game, you can do you-drive-it and you can select vehicles and drive them around in the city. It has good graphics and takes alot of thinking to build a city. (It's pretty fun.)

Is there a sim city 4 deluxe cheat for no health requirements?


Can cities in sim city 4 go to sims 2?


Can you fly a plane in Sim City 4?

If you build a airport you can.

How do get a a lot of money in Sim city?

Do You Mean Sim City 4? Just Press Ctrl +X at the same time then a box at a corner appears then type in weaknesspays and press ENTER TIP: Just go online to find cool cheats for Sim City 4

How do you put in cheats for sim city 4 deluxe edition?

How you put in cheats for sim city 4 id that you have to press ctrl-shift-c at the same time, then you can put in your code.

Are their any Trainers for Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition?


How do you create a big city is sim city 4?

You can go on youtube and search 'how do you build a big city on simcity 4?'. those videos will help you!

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