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CO2 is toxic in higher concentrations: 1% (10,000 ppm) will make some people feel drowsy.

  • If exposed at a level of 2% for several hours, minimal "acidosis" (the acid condition of the blood) may occur (cf. hyperventillation prevention).
  • Breathing rate doubles at 3% CO2 and is four times the normal rate at 5% CO2.
  • Toxic levels of carbon dioxide: at levels above 5%, concentration CO2 is directly toxic. [At lower levels we may be seeing effects of a reduction in the relative amount of oxygen rather than direct toxicity of CO2.]
  • Symptoms of high or prolonged exposure to carbon dioxide include headache, increased heart rate, dizziness, fatigue, rapid breathing, visual and hearing dysfunctions.
  • Exposure to higher levels may cause unconsciousness or death within minutes of exposure.
  • Concentrations of 7% to 10% cause dizziness, headache, visual and hearing dysfunction, and unconsciousness within a few minutes to an hour.
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Q: How much carbon dioxide would kill you?
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What happens to Carbon dioxide in the body?

Carbon Dioxide can kill you if you have too much but the body produces carbon dioxide when you breath out.

The benefits of using carbon dioxide detectors?

To check if there is too much carbon dioxide in a given area because it can kill you

What would happen if there were no carbon dioxide?

First, all of the plants would die out. Plants need carbon dioxide to survive. Second, carbon dioxide helps keep our planet warm, and without carbon dioxide the planet would be much colder. Too much carbon dioxide, though, increases the planet's temperature. Third, there would be no soda. The bubbles in the soda that raise are actually carbon dioxide.

How much would carbon be per gram?

How can we measure carbon dioxide.

Why is too much of carbon dioxide a problem?

Carbon Dioxide is acidic. Too much of carbon dioxide causes global warming.

What would happen if you breathed in too much carbon dioxide?

Air contains oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other compounds. We take carbon dioxide into our lungs all the time, but our lungs keep the oxygen. However, if you were in a room with ONLY carbon dioxide, you would die--not from carbon dioxide per se, but from lack of oxygen.

What happens if you breathe in to much carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide isn't harmful to breath. It would be a problem if it displaced the oxygen and you suffocated.

How much dry ice gas will kill you?

Dry ice is solid form of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide will not kill you unless there is a sufficent amount present to replace the oxygen in the air around you. This will result in death by suffocation or asphyxiation.

Side effects of too much carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is the gas that is expelled from the body when a person exhales. Exposure to too much carbon dioxide can result in headaches, deeper breathing, unconsciousness, and death. However, it is very unlikely that a person would experience carbon dioxide poisoning.

What two processes would help reduce the volume of carbon dioxide?

Photosynthesis, the process plants use to convert carbon dioxide and sunlight into carbon for the plant's use (releasing free oxygen from the carbon dioxide molecules, essentially eliminating the carbon dioxide). Carbon emissions caps, which would reduce how much carbon dioxide humans put into the atmosphere; by reducing the rate of emission, a new lower equilibrium would be achieved and the total volume of carbon dioxide would reduce (if the emissions were lowered to a cap below the level at which carbon dioxide can be removed from the atmosphere through photosynthesis).

Can too much carbon dioxide kill trees?

yes because to much of any thing is bad for that living thing and the greenhouse gas will kill that tree

Why is carbon dioxide gas dangerous?

If the concentration is too high, it has displaced too much oxygen, and even though carbon dioxide is not poisonous it will still kill you because of lack of oxygen.

What would happen if carbon dioxide was in the atmosphere?

There is carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It keeps the earth warm. But too much of it is causing global warming.

What happens if plants get too much carbon dioxide?

if plants get to much carbon dioxide they die

Is Venus mostly carbon dioxide?

Yes because there is no oxygen but their is carbon dioxide there is 67.12 much carbon dioxide xx

What would happen if there no carbon dioxide in the air?

The earth would be much cooler. Carbon Dioxide is a "greenhouse" gas. It helps capture the heat of sunlight, warming the earth. There would be no life, because plants depend on carbon dioxide, and animal life depends on plants.

How much percent of carbon dioxide have in Sprite?

Sprite has 6% of carbon dioxide

Why is there so much more carbon dioxide on Venus than Earth?

Because it has to much carbon dioxide

How much does carbon dioxide weight?

As with any other material, the weight of carbon dioxide depends on how much of it is weighed! The gram molecular mass of carbon dioxide is 44.01.

How much carbon dioxide does it take to kill somebody?

Carbon dioxide is toxic at levels of 5% and fatal at around 10%. If you may be contemplating suicide please call 1-800-273-8255.

What would happen if much carbon dioxide in the air is not used by plants in food making?

When there is too much carbon dioxide collecting in the air and the plants do not use it up, it may grow to toxic proportions. The content of oxygen will reduce in proportion to the amount of carbon dioxide.

What happens if you get too much carbon dioxide in your blood?

The organs and cells in your body give off carbon dioxide into your blood as exhaust. The problem is when you inhale high amounts of carbon dioxide in the air so that your blood is overloaded with carbon dioxide. At this point your body temperature would go down and you would die of hypothermia, if not treated immediatly.

Does too much oxygen kill you?

Yes it can. We breathe in response to having carbon dioxide in our bloodstream. When the carbon dioxide levels go up, the brain sends a signal that it needs more oxygen, so we take a breath. If you are being given 100% oxygen, after a while, there will be no more carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, so your brain would not know to send a signal to make you breathe.

What is the point of carbon dioxide on earth?

Green plants use carbon dioxide as part of the process of photosynthesis. In addition, while we are presently concerned that too much carbon dioxide is resulting in too much greenhouse effect and global warming, it is equally true that too little carbon dioxide would result in global cooling. A certain amount of carbon dioxide is helpful in maintaining the kind of temperature range that we want.

Do any plants produce as much carbon dioxide as humans?

They produce oxygen not carbon dioxide.