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375 mg of Klonopin should be used to treat anxiety. You can increase this somewhat if your anxiety increases or doesn't improve. Check with your doctor for the correct dose.

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Should aloe vera can be used daily?

yes, aloe vera can be used daily it moisturises your skin and makes it smooth.

How much coal was used daily on The Titanic?

620 tons

What do you use plasma for in daily life?

Plasma is not used in daily life. It is something that is very dangerous and should only be used by very experienced scientists.

How much money will gamestop give you for a used dsi?

How much will game stop give my for s daily

Where can minoxidil be used?

It is used on scalp. You should apply it in the centre of the bald area. And your hair should be dry and clean. The treatment is used twice daily, and it works very well.

What do scientists measure To determine how much protein people need?

A ratio is used; The RDA reccomends that 10-35% of ones daily calorie intake should come from protein.

When you should use Very or So?

"Very" should be used with "much". "So" should be used with "many". "Thank you very much." "There are so many."

What is the most spoken word daily?

The most used word used daily is "THE".

The term daily value is used on what?

The term daily value is used on food labels.

How long do Victoria's Secret lotion last?

Victoria Secret lotion will last depending on how much the consumer uses the product. If the product is used on a daily basis it should last about 2-3 weeks.

How much is a denarius worth?

The denarius was used in roman times as a daily salary. It was worth twenty dollars.

How much gasoline is used in the US daily?

According to a document by Exxon/Mobile published in February 2005, there are 370 million gallons of gasoline used daily. United States consumed over 142 billion gallons of gasoline.

Can baking soda lighten dark spots on face or body and can I use it on daily basis How to use baking soda as recipe for this purpose?

Baking soda can be used to lighten dark spots on face or body, but should not be used on a daily basis.

What are the Recommended daily intake RDIs designed for?

they are used to limit your intake our serve as a guide to how much intake is taken in

How much salt is used to flavour foods?

Now the recommended daily intake is 2,5-5 g NaCl.

How is math used on a daily basis?

Maths is used on a daily basis. It is used in shopping, bills, coins, everything like that, really. It is used so you know you are not being over charged, it is used in cooking ( measuring) and much more! I hope this answer is helpful to you and you do now understand how maths is used on a dail basis. From Pretty-Zebra xxxx

How much white space should be used in a resume?

As much as is possible and appropriate.

How much grease is used in a big mac?

Much more than it should...

Is it should have or should of?

Should have. The confusion arises when the conjunction "Should've" is used, which sounds very much like "Should of".

Hom you use uranium daily?

Uranium is not used daily at home.

Give you a story about why keyboarding should start in elementary school?

because keyboarding is used in daily life everyday and should be learned early for earlier master achievement

How much should a barely used Element skateboard sell for?

it should go for about $42.00USD

Is it true that dental floss should be used monthly?

It is recommended that dental floss be used at least daily to prevent tooth decay and gum disease between the teeth.

What are the effects of eating excess ginger?

How much ginger should you eat? The recommended daily intake is 1g of dried ginger or two cups of ginger tea. Eating too much ginger can cause itchiness in the bladder opening. Ginger is most often used as a flavourant.

What element is used daily?

Oxygen and nitrogen are breathed daily. Sodium and chloride are usually ingested daily. (salt)

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