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Q: How much cost round trip bus to Port Canaveral FL from Miami FL?
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How much does a round trip cost from Miami to mecca?


How much is a taxi from Ft Lauderdale cruise port to Miami Int Airport?

A taxi from Fort Lauderdale cruise port to the Miami international Airport will cost approximately $30. The exact cost is dependent upon traffic.

How much does a greyhound bus ticket cost from denver to miami florida?

238. Round Trip.

What are the current air fare rates from Chicago to Miami?

The round trip cost to go from Chicago to Miami is $369. This price can vary depending on the airline and if there is an upcoming holiday. Delta offers the lowest price out of all of their competitors for this round trip.

How much does EMG cost in Miami FL?

EMG cost in Miami Florida 25 $

How much does the Miami Heat ticket cost?

Miami heat tickets cost a lot and chances are they will be playing in Florida.

How much does it cost to go ice skating in Miami lakes?

there is no ice in miami

Is the cost of living higher in Miami Florida or Detroit Michigan?

Miami, Florida

Why does one way airfare cost more than round trip airfare?

Because oneway airfare takes you from a place to a place. Let's say, Miami to London. But round trip airfare takes you from a place to a place and then back. Let's say, Miami to London, after how ever many days you spend in London, back to Miami...a round trip is like two tickets....unless you're talking about two oneway tickets...that's a whole other story, if you are, then be more specific.

What is Line out port?

The port where the ship discharge cargo at her own cost and responsibility is liner out port. Zaman

How much money I will need to take for gas to go to Miami FL from Pittsburgh PA?

If your car gets 25 mpg, and the cost of a gallon of gas is $2.77, a one-way trip will cost you $139.89, and $261.78 for a round trip.

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