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How much costs a wedding ring?

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The average cost of a wedding ring depends on a number of factors; namely the cut, weight, clarity, color and carat. All these factors have a grading system as well, which determines the price of the diamonds. Other factors include the cost of manufacturing as well as the design of the ring

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Anywhere from $200 to $2000 - depends on metal and whether you will have diamonds or not.

If the couple doesn't have much money then it's just fine to buy a nice ring that is considered Costume Jewelry (not real stones, but no one could tell the difference if they saw it) and Austrian Crystal is beautiful and looks just like diamonds. After you have been married a few year perhaps you may want a real diamond or your husband may want to buy you one. Whether it's a real diamond or not is not the question, it's how much you love each other. When my husband and I got married in 1972 he didn't have a lot of money, but insisted on getting me a diamond Engagement ring. I wasn't much into diamonds (call me crazy LOL) and because I knew he didn't have a lot of money I chose a very tiny diamond (I have small hands anyway) it had a wedding band of white gold too. The two rings didn't even cost $200. When our 25th Wedding Anniversary came and we celebrated it by saying our vows again and had 100 friends at a beautiful lodge to witness it (fun party) I was surprised my husband presented me with a beautiful ruby ring. I love rubies even more than diamonds. If I had to choose diamonds then pink diamonds are my favorite. Don't drain your bank account by buying an overly expensive diamond ring and save that extra money for a nice honeymoon or put it towards furniture or save it towards a house for yourselves. 'A fool soon parts with their money.'

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No, only the fiance (woman) gets an engagement ring and a wedding ring and the groom gets just the wedding ring.

What ring is considered the Irish wedding ring?

In Ireland a wedding ring is a plain band ring, normally gold or silver. There is a ring called a Claddagh Ring, but that is not a wedding ring, as it is worn by people who are not married.

How do you wear wedding and engagement ring?

Usually, the wedding ring is worn on the inside, closer to your heart. The engagement ring sits on top of your wedding ring.

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What amount should be spent on wedding ring?

* It depends entirely on how much money the person has that is buying the wedding ring. You can spend as little as $150 to $300 for a wedding band or the sky is the limit. It is wise that you don't over extend your finances and be paying for the wedding ring for years to come. Often the engagement and wedding ring go together or you can buy them singularly.

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Wedding ring first, engagement ring next, eternity ring last.

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* No wedding rings or bands shouldn't cost more than an engagement ring in most cases. Often the engagement ring may come with the wedding ring. With the way the economy is going now you should have no problem getting a fairly good deal on an engagement and wedding ring.

About how much is a wedding ring?

* It depends on what the individual wants to spend. Wedding rings can cost $150 and range up to $1200 or much more.

What defines a wedding ring or dress ring?

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