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How much could Arnold Schwarzenegger bench press?


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Arnold Schwarzenegger has been recorded to bench press 450lbs (200kg)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has been recorded to bench press 450Lbs (200kg)

They say that he could bench over 500lbs

Arnold Schwarzenegger's pe it was 2 pence and 4 pence added togther rsonal record bench press is 440 lbs. He retired as a professional body builder in 1980.

He could bench press 145 pounds a couple years ago. Now he could probably bench press about 160 maybe

Arnold Schwarzenegger can squat a maximum of 440 pounds. He also can dead lift a whopping 710 pounds and press 375 pounds.

A bench press without the use of a bench press shirt.

800 pounds!! isn't that crazy and he could bench press 500 when he was 17!! CRAZY!!

It could bench press morrisons

This bench is not designed for the bench press there is no bar to ssuppot the weights for bench press.

he can bench press 225 Tiger woulds can bench press 190lbs.

What's Jamal Lewis's bench press What's Jamal Lewis's bench press

Bench press is not an olympic event, therefore there is no olympic record in bench press.

In order to increase bench press you must not do it more than every 2-3 days because your muscles need time to rest you can add weight to your bench press every 2 weeks with 5-10 pounds I usually bench press every 4 days and the that after my bench I like to work my triceps because triceps have a big impact on bench press also have you tried other workouts on your bench day like dumbbell press, dumbbells fly or incline and decline bench press you could also gain more muscle which could help you with the weight eat high protein foods such as chicken and lean steak also get lots of rest

You could bench press or do pull ups ;-)

500lbs * 1 rep 400lbs * 8 rep 225lbs * 60 rep

Vladmir Putin was able to bench press 415 with freeweights and could curl 225 I highly doubt that Vladimir Putin can bench press 415 pounds. And i am positive he could NOT curl, legitemately, 225 pounds. He is in reasonably good shape, and i have no problem believing that he could have a 300 pound bench press and 135 pound barbell curl, but those numbers stink of Soviet exaggeration. lol.

Yes...but you could injure yourself. The Bench Press is an exercise that causes problems with shoulder flexibility.

Bob Sanders can bench 332-pound bench press

well, it is hard to say. than strongest man who ever lived could bench press about 800 pounds, and that's double how much Arnold Scwartceneggar

Nobody knows, since there isnt a bench that could hold that much weight

1050 lbs by Scott Mendleson, this is with the use of a bench shirt which assists with the bench press, the highest RAW bench press is again Scott Mendleson with a bench of 715 lbs.

525lbs bench press 600lbs max out

He can bench press 700 lbs.

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