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Q: How much curry powder is 25 curry leaves?
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How much is 25 grams of coco powder in tablespoon?

25 grams is 1.6666666666675 tablespoons.

How much 25 grams of powder milk into tablespoons?

That is 1.6 tablespoons.

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Is sheesham leaves are benificial in treating the mouth ulcer?

Yes . sheesham leaves are benificial in treating the mouth ulcer. Make some leaves dry,& make powder of it, then take 5 gram powder in 250 gram water & 25 gram glucose take early in the morning

How many cups in 25 grams of cocoa powder?

tablespoons in 25 gr cacao powder

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it may be 25 kg per pole

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Depends on the exact kind of powder

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It's ammunition, more commonly called the 25 Stevens. It was called the 25-10 because it's a 25 caliber with 10 grains of powder. ( black powder at least originally, don't think it was ever changed )

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