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I would make this simple by giving you an idea about what it means brain storage. When you go out on a date with your girlfriend you can remember every single detail that happened that day before , during and after the date. What you were wearing what she was wearing the place you went to every single detail . you could recall everything that happened as if it was an extremely high definition recording but not just Video and audio, the smell , the weather her perfume what you were thinking how the food tasted how did you feel in your heart , with an extremely wide angle view , you can picture the whole place even if you weren't looking that instance at what happened , you can even see yourself and your date in infinite different angles. even yourself as a third person. So if we had an Extreme definition camera recording in every single angle plus a weather computer recording the weather , and another unknown types of recorders running simultaneously recording the thoughts , the smell, feelings ... etc . recording that single little fleeting date . You would need Infinite storage media to store. and if you could squeeze your mind a little bit you can remember and picture everything you have passed by though your entire lives. it's all stored in your mind using this super recording XD device. So I would say its infinite. The way brain stores data is not bits with ones and zeros. neither analog having infinite possible combinations . it can picture the data using little information about it . which storage media cant do at all. let me give you some example: Imagine a house A door Open that door and get into the hallway rooms to your right and left the walls and their painting Enter a room its a bedroom stand on one hand get up open up the window and look out side Now the idea behind this is when I gave you this little info I bet 80% of what you pictured was your own house. and the bedroom was your bedroom with the same bed the same decoration paint etc. the window and its view is you bedroom's or some other bedroom you have visited before in a hotel or someplace ... You probably never entered that house this way or done a hand stand before yet you pictured it in XD as if it was true using those little few lines of text info. this is how a brain stores data. X-Def video = few text lines = 100 bytes using a normal computer text processor. Tn other terms a 100 byte in a brain = more than 10 GB of XD video on a computer. a simple word "lake" 4 letters 4 bytes you can visualize or imagine an infinite number of lakes more than 10 MegaPixels resolution. lets say this word gave you a picture of at least 100 different 10MP lakes = 1GB How about storing a study textbook of 1 MB into your brain which is extremely the simplest thing your brain can do. it would need more than 268435456 GB of imaging storage on a normal computer . how about what you studied and what you can study and learn ...

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Q: How much data can the brain store?
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