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Well it all depends on if you're thinking about regional countries or worldwide: Talking just about Canada we probably bring up 1 tonne every year

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Q: How much diamond is mined in a year (measured in tonnes)?
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How much gold is mined each year?

Something on the order of 2500 tonnes of gold is mined each year.

How much platinum is mined each each year?

150 tons are mined each year. :)

How much copper is mined each year?

142,000 tonnes of copper per year

How much gold is produced each year?

2.500 tonnes of gold mined each year

How much uranium has been mined?

Approx. 2 700 000 tonnes, up to 2011, in all the world.

How much germanium is mined every year?

According to the wikipedia article about germanium, about 118 tonnes of this element were produced worldwide in 2011.

How much is man made diamond?

Any diamond -- man made or mined -- is valued according to its cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. A man-made stone will cost significantly less than a mined diamond when both are similarly described.

How are mined and manufactured diamonds different and same?

Both kind of diamond are made from carbon. Mined diamonds are formed by Mother Nature; manufactured diamonds are formed by machines in a laboratory. Both rate 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. A natural diamond will be much more highly valued than a man-made diamond, given that both are gem-stone quality. As with mined diamonds, most manufactured diamonds have industrial applications, and are not used as gemstones.

How much do diamond studs cost?

Diamond studs vary greatly on the size and clarity of the diamond itself and even factors that include where the diamond was mined. On average a rather small diamond stud can be purchased for around 50 dollars. Specifically a 1 carat diamond stud can average around 1,000 dollars.

How much does a tourist bus weigh?

Between 13 tonnes to 15 tonnes

How much does the planet mars weigh in tonnes?

Mars' mass is 641,849,999,999,999,934,464 tonnes.

How much 45000 tonnes of food?

45,000 tonnes (metric tons) is 99,200,000 pounds.