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How much did America spend on diet food in 2006?

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a lot America is fat

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In what ways does poverty in America differ from poverty in the rest of the world?

There is less of it in America and when other countries' hobos get money they spend it on food and hobos in America spend it on booze

What was the diet of the wampanoag before the European invaded north America?

food. nice food. yummy food.

What country or culture has the best food diet for overall goodness?

America and Pakistan

Is it true that rick ross is the most richest rapper in America?

He would be if he didnt spend it all on food.

What is the Chinese food diet be?

The Chinese food diet is simple: Do not eat Chinese Food.

How much money did America spend on Ice Cream in 2007?

roughly 20 billion. Enough money to provide everyone in the world with clean water and food. How do we spend our money?

What is the Shudras food diet?

Their food or diet is a nice good salad.:)

How does the food pyramid relate to diet?

a food pyramid relates to a diet because it tells you what to eat on a diet

What food can be served with muffins?

Any healthy food if you are on a diet or any food at all if not on a diet!

Which food is healthy for humans mixed food or diet food?

a helthy diet is a mixxed amount of food groups

How much do Europeans spend on food?

Europeans spend around 25% of their income on food.

How much do teens spend on cafeteria food?

Students Spend About $120 Average On Cafeteria Food

How long does food spend in the small intestine?

Food spend about four hours in the small intestine

How much do students spend on food I was wondering what people spend on food every month... How much do you spend on groceries at restaurants and on fast food?

Student on average spends $100 on lunch, drinks...etc. I spend about $300 on groceries and fast food.

What food items are typical of an herbivorous diet?

Which food items are typical of an herbivorous diet?

What is the tucan diet?

A diet based on proteinrich food

Where can I find more information on raw food detox diet?

The raw food detox diet is a good diet and has a lot of information on it. There is a book on this diet that takes you step by step through the diet. The book is called The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose and can be bought on

Are there any websites that can help me find food for diabetes?

The diabetes association of America has information on diet and food guide on their website, as well as recipes and helpful links at

What foods do you need to eat to have a balanced diet?

I suggest you eat lite food. You should read on of the csiro diet books EAT FOOD FROM THE FOOD PYRmid for a healthy diet.

What is a natural organic food diet?

A natural organic food diet is where a person goes on a diet strictly eating food that is not processed and fresh from nature. It is good for your health and cheaper!

What diet should you take for acid reflux?

I recommend trying the no junk food diet or the fresh food diet to be more exact. And avoid any food that makes you reflux.

Where can I order diet food online?

You can order diet food through diet websites. Businesses like the South Beach diet and Weight Watchers also either show you food to purchase, or things you can buy online.

Where can I purchase diet food for sale online?

Diet food can be purchased online at or at other weight loss programs have online places to buy diet food.

How much food do you spend a month on food?

About $5000

What is the dolphins diet food source?

They eat a wide variety of fishes, squids, and crustaceans depending on their location. They eat approximately 4% to 5% of their body weight in food per day, meaning they spend a great deal of time searching for food and feeding.