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The Romans changed Britain by the houses because they were made out of brick , stone and tiles because we wouldn't of lived in brick houses which are steep on the ground.

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Q: How much did Britain change in roman times?
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How much did Britain change in the Roman times?

The Romans changed Britain by the houses because they were made out of brick , stone and tiles because we wouldn't of lived in brick houses which are steep on the ground.

Who lived in Britain when the roman invasion?

The Roman invasion was good for Britain as they brought public health, clean water, sturdy pavements and much, much more.

Why did the Roman want Britain so much what did they have that the Romans didn't?

Britain was a source of tin. Besides, sailing from Britain was the easiest way to feed their legions in Germany.

What was Britain like before the Roman invasion?

Before the Roman invasion, Britain was made up of several tribes which seemed to aways be at war with each other. The Romans brought unity and civilization to Britain. Although archaeologists are finding information about pre-Roman Britain and have collected a lot already, there is still much more to learn about the ancient Britons.

How much change did the Anglo-Saxons bring to Britain?


How much money is 10p in roman times?

1 calorite

Has marrige changed much since roman times?


How much would a Celtic house of cost in roman times?

It is not known.

How much bigger is Australia than Britain?

50, 000 times bigger

What did the Romans bring when they invaded Britain?

Architecture to a degree. By the times the Romans came to Britain they were just about on the out, so not as much remained as it could have.

How much did the Romans change Britain?

Lots and those changes are still with us today...

How much would cement cost in the ancient roman times?

nothing,they cant spell!

How much would a newspaper cost in roman times?

No newspapers were published in Ancient Rome.

In Great Britain during World War 1 how much land was gained lost?

That would be none. Great Britain is an island. It didn't change shape.

How does the Roman civilization affect London?

Roman civilisation affected London by establishing the importance of this city as the main city of Roman Britain. Some time after the Romans London became the cap[ital of England. Apart from this, It did not have much of an impact on London and the Romans were in Britain such a long time. It had an indirect impact through the legacies of the Romans in western culture.

What if 4.6 times 100?

So what if? It does not change things much.

What was the most powerful empire in Europe it conquered all of western Europe north Africa and much of Britain and the eastern mediterranean?

The Roman Empire.

What Roman Emperor ordered the building of a wall between Roman Britain and Scotland in AD 122?

Hadrian built the wall across the width of the northern part of Britain - about 73 miles - with a series of military forts, mainly to keep out the warring tribes to the north (in what is now Scotland) and to mark the boundary of the Roman Empire. It was ordered to be built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, when he visited Britain in AD 122. Much of it still remains to this day, and it is a popular tourist attraction. It's called Hadrian's Wall.

How much is a denarii?

Denarii were coins used in Roman times. The value in modern times varies greatly depending on the condition it is in and who is intending to buy it.

How did the roman roads change history?

the roman roads changed history because it was the best road system in ancient history and allowed roman armies to move much quicker to destinations then other armies.

How much bigger is brazil than great britain?

In terms of area Great Britain: 80,823 square miles. Brazil: 3,287,956 sq miles. So Brazil is 40.68 times larger than Great Britain.

How much is a denarius worth?

The denarius was used in roman times as a daily salary. It was worth twenty dollars.

Why is finding your own evidence in roman Britain unfair?

i guess that the answer would have to come within the context of the lesson/lecture in your class. Otherwise it does not make much sense.

How much is the average person caught on camera?

Average Americans are caught on camera around 12 times. In Britain, a person is caught on camera around 300 times!

Why did the roman wanted to invade Britain?

For wealth, power, and resources. The same reason the conquered so many other lands. Also, at the time, what we know today as Britain was still untamed mountains with "Indian" like people, basically natives. those people groups did not pose as much of a threat to the Roman people. hope this does you well.