How much did Muhammad ali weight in his fights?

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for his pro debut in 1960, he weighed 192 pounds.

against liston in '64 he weighed 210

against frazier in '71 he was 210

against foreman in '74, he was 216

against ernie shavers he was 225

against Larry Holmes, he drained himself making 217, and in his last fight against berbick, he was 236.
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Who did Muhammad Ali fight in May 1975?

Answer . On May 16th 1975, in Las Vegas Nevada, Muhammad Ali knocked out Ron Lyle in the 11th round to retain his world heavyweight title.

When did Muhammad Ali win his first fight?

In 1954 in Louisville, Kentucky, 12-year-old Cassius Marcellus Clay's bike was stolen while he and a friend were at the Columbia Auditorium. Young Cassius found a cop in a gym, Joe Martin, and boiling with youthful rage, told Martin he was going to "whup" whoever stole his bike. Martin admonished, " ( Full Answer )

How many fights did Muhammad ali win?

Statistics Name . Muhammad Ali. Birth name . Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.. Nickname . The Greatest, The Champ, The Louisville Lip. Height . 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in). Reach . Weight division . Heavyweight. Nationality . United States. Birth date . January 17, 1942 (1942-01-17) (age 68). ( Full Answer )

How much did Muhammad Ali get paid to fight George Foreman?

Ali and Foreman got $5 million each. Don King had just began his professional career as promoter and he managed to generate the $10 million by asking Zaire's president Mobutu Sésé Seko for the money and Mobutu asked for the fight to be held in his country, since he was eager for the public ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali?

Bruce Lee vs Muhammad Ali would be an interesting match up. Ali isone of the greatest boxers of all time, and Lee was anextraordinary martial artist. The edge would probably go to Ali,due to his experience in actual fights. ESPN listed Ali as thesecond greatest fighter in the history of boxing.

How many fights did Muhammad Ali win and lost?

Muhammad Ali's record: won 56 (37 by knock out0 lost 5 (one by ko) avenged the first 3 losses, 2 of them twice, with the last 2 coming when he was well past his prime and already showing signs of parkinsons syndrome.

Where was the Fight of the Century Muhammad ali vs Sonny Liston?

"The Fight of the Century" was called Ali's fight against Joe Frazier, not Sonny Liston. The two fights against Sonny Liston were in Miami Beach, Florida and in Lewistone, Maine. The Fight of the Century against Frazier, however, took place in New York City, NY.

Who did Muhammad Ali fight in 1974?

Ali has two fights in 1974. The first was again Joe Frazier ( their 2nd fight) on January 28th,1974 at Madison Square Garden, New York. Ali won a 12 round unanimous decision and went to to fight the then champion George Foreman in the fight called 'The Rumble in the Jungle" Joe Frazier vs Muham ( Full Answer )

Did Muhammad Ali Cheat in some fights?

Yes he did. with Henry Cooper, Ali was dropped and when he went back to his corner, they saw that he wasnt going to be able to make it another round, so they ripped his glove open while the referee wasnt looking, and then had to make everyone wait minutes for a new glove to be fetched, thus giving A ( Full Answer )

Did Muhammad Ali win his last fight with Trever derbick?

No Ali lost his last fight which took place at Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre, Nassau, Bahamas. At 236 1/4 lbs., Ali fought at the heaviest of his professional career. He did well for the first three rounds, and Berbick appeared to be tiring. Ali saved his strength by leaning on the ropes and conserv ( Full Answer )

Who did Muhammad Ali fight in the Olympics?

Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay as he was then known defeated these opponents at the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960. 30th Aug,1960.Defeated Yvon Becot of Belgium.Referee stopped contest at 2:55 Rd2. 1St Sep,1960. Defeated Guennadiy of Russia decision.5-0 Quarter final. 3rd Sep,1960.Defeated Ton ( Full Answer )

Where did Muhammad ali fight his last fight?

The fight took place at Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre, Nassau, Bahamas. At 236 1/4 lbs., Ali fought at the heaviest of his professional career. He did well for the first three rounds, and Berbick appeared to be tiring. Ali saved his strength by leaning on the ropes and conserving his energy during t ( Full Answer )

How many fight did Muhammad Ali lose?

As a Pro, Ali lost 5. He ended his career with a 56 wins (KO 37) - 5 losses (KO 1) + 0 draws. March 8, 1971, he lost a 15 round decision to Joe Frazier (Title Bout) March 31, 1973, he lost a 12 round decision to Ken Norton February 15, 1978, he lost a 15 round decision to Leon Spinks (Tit ( Full Answer )

Has Muhammad Ali ever won a fight?

Ali fought 61 fights winning 56 of them. His boxign record is: Total fights : 61 Wins : 56 Wins by KO : 37 Losses :5 Draws : 0

George Foreman and Muhammad ali fight program worth.?

depends which version you have - if it's the original program sold at the fight in Zaire (French language) then it's worth a considerable amount. the more common closed circuit programs sold in the US aren't worth that much. post a picture and i can give better advice

Who did Muhammad Ali fight 1967?

Ali had two fights in 1967. The first one was against Ernie Terrel on Feb 2nd, 1967 at Astrodome, Houston, Texas . Ali won a 15 round unanimous decision. Muhammad Ali vs. Ernie Terrel Referee: Harry Kessler 148-137 Judge: Jimmy Webb 148-133 Judge: Ernie Taylor 148-137 The seco ( Full Answer )

Was Muhammad Ali ever blinded in a fight?

Yes, Sonny Liston had tiger balm on his gloves and hit him... you can watch him fight blind if you fast forward to 7:52

Did Mike Tyson and Muhammad ali Fight?

No; had they encountered one another in real life Tyson would have destroyed him. This is operating under the assumption that is, that Tyson had encountered the 40 something Ali as opposed to the prime one. Time machines don't exist but if they did, had Tyson fought Ali he'd have been smacked around ( Full Answer )

How much fights did Muhammad ali win?

Ali won 56 fights, 37 inside the distance. he lost 5 fights, 3 of which he avenged (two of them twice) and the last two defeats were his last two fights when he was only a shadow of his former self.

Did Muhammad Ali write poems after he won a fight?

No he had a few lines like The Black superman fly like a butterfly sting like a bee Ali often wrote derogatory poems about his opponents, but before, not after, the bouts.

Did Muhammad ali have a fight record?

amateur record = 100 wins against 5 losses pro record = 56 wins (37 ko's) against 5 losses (1ko) 3 of those losses he avenged, and the last two were his last two fight.

Did Muhammad Ali fight a sumo?

Antonio Inoki was the opponent in question, and He was a wrestler, not a sumo. it took place in Tokyo, March 1976 for which ali was paid a reported $6 million. ali took a lot of damage to the legs, because Inoki signed a contract stating he wouldn't do this technique or that technique, so in the end ( Full Answer )

Muhammad Ali first fight after exhile?

That would be his first fight with number three contender Jerry Quarry in a 15 rounder. The fight was stopped in the third round after Jerry got a bad cut.

Where did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier?

Ali and Frazier fought 3 times. the first two fights were fought at the Madison Square Garden in New York. the 3rd fight, known as "The Thrilla In Manilla," was fought at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines on October 1, 1975.

Did Muhammad Ali ever fight Mike Tyson?

Ali retired after his last fight against Trevor Berbick on the 11th of December 1981. Mike Tyson had his first professional fight on March 6, 1985.

Why did Muhammad Ali refuse to fight?

I assume you mean why didn't he go to Vietnam? He was a conscientious objector to the war, and didn't believe in killing other people (even though he wouldn't have been in combat - only giving exhibitions and making personal appearances).

When was Muhammad alis first title fight?

Their first fight was held on February 25, 1964, in Miami Beach, Florida. Clay ( who changed his name after the fight to Muhammad Ali) won when Liston failed to answer the bell for the seventh round, stating he had a shoulder injury and Ali became the youngest boxer ever to take the title from a rei ( Full Answer )

Where did Muhammad Ali fight Leon Spinks?

Ali fought Leon Spinks twice: The first time in Las Vegas on Feb 15, 1978, which Spink won. Ali won the rematch on Sept 15, 1978, in the New Orleans Superdome.

What motivated Muhammad ali to fight?

what motivated mihammad to fight was his parents because they were in bad condition and he wanted them to get better and he wanted them to become famous with him.

Did Muhammad Ali ever cheat on one of his fights?

There's no evidence to suggest that Ali ever knowingly participated in a fixed contest. There is some very circumstantial evidence to suggest Sonny Liston may have taken a dive in their rematch (again, unbeknownst to Ali)