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How much did Muhammad ali weight in his fights?


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for his pro debut in 1960, he weighed 192 pounds.

against liston in '64 he weighed 210

against frazier in '71 he was 210

against foreman in '74, he was 216

against ernie shavers he was 225

against Larry Holmes, he drained himself making 217, and in his last fight against berbick, he was 236.


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Ali won 56 fights, 37 inside the distance. he lost 5 fights, 3 of which he avenged (two of them twice) and the last two defeats were his last two fights when he was only a shadow of his former self.

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Muhammad Ali has had 61 fights he only won 56 of them he has won 37 times by KO's

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Ali had 35 titles fights, 26 for world titles and 9 with the North American Boxing Federation between 1970-1974.

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