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Washington offered to be president just for expenses, however no one would permit that, so he was paid $25,000-a-year salary.

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The first president to be paid to be a president was George Washington.

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$25,000 per year which is equivalent to $566,000 in 2009 dollars

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President George Washington's yearly salary was $25,000.

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Q: How much did Thomas Jefferson get paid when he was the president?
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Why did Lewis and Clark go to the expedition?

They were paid to do it by President Thomas Jefferson

How much money did Thomas Jefferson get paid?

999,999,999,999,999$ a year. He uses Hacks.

Who was the president when the US acquired the Louisiana territory from napoleon in 1803?

Thomas Jefferson, although Napoleon didn't own it. Jefferson paid France to relinquish their claim.

Who paid for lewis and clarks expedition?

Thomas Jefferson paid.

How was Meriweather Mewis paid by Thomas Jefferson?

Um, no. Thomas Jefferson wasn't even alive at the time.

Who paid for Lewis and Clark's journey?

In January of 1803, President Thomas Jefferson requested $2500 from Congress to pay for the costs of the trip.

What president said no man is more ardently intent to see that the public debt soon and sacredly paid off that you are?

Thomas Jefferson

How much did the Louissiana Purchase cost Thomas Jefferson?

15 million dollars was the price paid for the Lousiana Purchase.

Did thomas Jefferson acquire the Louisiana territory for the us?

He did indeed- paid 15 million dollars for this territory in 1803.

Did a president authorized the Louisiana purchase where you paid 3 cent per acre and bought thousands of square miles of new land from Louisiana to Oregon?

Thomas Jefferson. He paid 15 million and thought that the price was too high. ha where can you get land for 3 cents an acre today?

How much was James Monroe paid?

He was paid $25,000 a year as President.

Who decide how much the president will be paid?