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Q: How much did it cost to make the movie Marie Antoinette?
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Who makes a 'dead' Marie Antoinette costume?

There does not appear to be any costume companies that make a costume that represents a beheaded or dead Marie Antoinette. There are multiple websites availble with directions on making your own. These include, and

Who is Marie Antoinette and where did she live?

Marie Antoinette was a Aussie i believe that was queen of France to make a strong alliance with the Aussies and the French she then lived within France where i do not know XD

What male costume goes with a Marie Antoinette costume?

Though Marie Antoinette had many lovers during her lifetime and lived a very flamboyant lifestyle. She was married to King Louis XVI of France, so he would make a good companion to Marie for a costume idea.

What did Marie Antoinette mean when she supposedly said let them eat cake how did this make her appear?

ha ha, do not be fooled friend. "Let them eat cake" was just a rumour, in fact it is most likely that Marie Antoinette said nothing like that at all. "Let them eat cake" was supposedly Marie Antoinette's response when she heard about the bread shortages in France. When she said that she meant some like "if there's no bread, then let them eat cake!". This rumour was made because Marie Antoinette was oblivious to the struggles of the average French citizens outside the lavish gates of Versailles.

Which Hollywood actress would make a better Marie Antoinette than Kirsten Dusnst?

renee zellweger

What was strange about Marie Antoinette's first night of marriage?

They were put to bed by the entire court. The bed was blessed by a priest and everyone expected Louis XVI to make Marie Antoinette his wife (to consummate the marriage). He didn't though and it would take him up to 7 years until he did.

What queen tried to destroy France and make her daughter merry an English king?

Marie Antoinette springs to mind, but I'm not sure. Anyone else?

Why was Marie Antoinette imprisoned?

Due to the French Revolution. The third estate (the bourgeoisie) wanted to rid France of the Monarchical system (thus, King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette). To do so, they had to make sure that the Royals knew this third estate was an enemy to be reckoned with. They eventually imprisoned the Royal family to let them and the rest of the world see that the people had won it from their monarchs.

Why was it bad to say let them eat cake?

The famous phrase is used as proof of someone's lack of compassion or understanding. Marie Antoinette is attributed with making this statement when she heard that the poor women of Paris had no flour for bread. Since Marie had been spoiled all her life and never lifted a finger to do any work, she could not figure out that normal men, women and children were starving to death.But she figured it out a few weeks later when those same women of Paris marched on Versailles and took Marie Antoinette to the guillotine.(Note that there is essentially no evidence that Marie Antoinette actually said this, and considerable evidence that she did not; it would have been an out-of-character statement for her to make.)

What did the womens march on Versailles do?

the Women's March On Versailles was basically a point in the French Revolution where a tonne of starving French peasant ladies wanted bread and came to the palace of Versailles to take out their anger of hunger on King Louis XVI and his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette. I also believe that the women chased Marie Antoinette around Versailles until they finally had to make an agreement. This agreement made King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette move to Paris so they could focus on fixing their country rather than obliviously and carelessly enjoy the the luxuries of the palace Versailles.

How much did it cost to make ET the movie?

The cost to make the E.T. movie was 1.5 million dollars.

What crucial mistakes did Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette make during the early years of their reign?

the crucial mistakes they made was spending too much money on things they dont need

Was cake expensive in Marie Antoinette's time?

Fairly, yes. It was hard to get all of the ingredients needed (flour, sugar, milk, eggs, ect.) to make a cake. They were treats and considered luxuries at the time.

How much did it cost to make the movie Pearl Harbor?

It cost 140 million dollars to make the hit movie Pearl Harbor.

How much did it cost to make the movie Ghost?

It cost an estimated $22 million to make the movie Ghost(1990).

How much did The Simpsons movie cost to make?

The Simpsons movie cost 71.9 million dollars to make.

How much did the movie Avatar cost to make?

It cost $500million dollars to make Avatar.

A Marie Antoinette Costume May Be What You Are Looking For ?

When you are looking for a dazzling costume for Halloween, a Marie Antoinette costume may be just the look that you were going for. After all, it's not every day that you get to be French royalty. She was the Queen of France during the late 1700s and was a woman of beauty and charm. You can pretend that you are Her Royal Highness on October 31st with the right dress and makeup. Choosing to go as a real person in history for Halloween takes a little bit of work because you want to make sure that you have the clothing right for the period. Since she was Queen in the late 1700s, you don't want to be in a dress from a century before or after because no one will realize that you are Marie Antoinette. As a result, it is sometimes better to make sure that you are shopping for a Marie Antoinette costume as opposed to trying to create one yourself. You can either twist your hair into a bun or choose to buy a wig so that you can look like the Queen and be as authentic as possible. You may even opt to go with a crown so that you can show just how majestic you are as Marie Antoinette. It's a great way to get noticed and depending how theatrical you are, you may even want to ask people to bow down in front of you when the address you. There are many different style dresses that you can wear when you decide to go as Marie Antoinette because she was very stylish in her day. Long flowing gowns of pink, blue and many other colors were very common. You could also choose to go with something a little less regal and dress in what she used to go hunting in. No matter what outfit you choose, you should try to practice a French or Austrian accent (since she was born in France) to help make your costume a little more believable. Everyone will look your way when you make your big entrance because it's not every day that the Queen shows up.

How much did the Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie make and how much did it cost?

To make the movie it cost 56 million, and they mad enough to pay the debt.

How much did it cost to make a movie in the 1930s?

It cost close to $2 million to make movies in the 1930s. The top grossing movie in the 1930s was "Gone With the Wind" which cost just over $4 million to make.?æ

How much did it cost to make the movie Rush Hour?

It cost about $90,000,000 to make the movie Rush Hour , but it had a total earning of $347,325,802 make it the highest earning for a film in about martial arts

Does it cost more to make an animated movie or a not animated movie?

Depends on what genre. I think animated movies cost more

How much did it cost to make the movie Gladiator?

Gladiator (2000) cost an estimated $103 million to make.

How much did it cost to make the movie the fighter?

The Fighter (2010) cost $11 million.

How much did it cost to make the movie The last King of Scotland?

About £3.50 as the movie is rubbish :)