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Q: How much did roller skates cost in the 1950s?
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How much does it cost to roller skate at Wheels roller skating rink?

it cost 2 dollars for inline skates

How much does it cost to rent roller skates at skate zone?

... It depends Where

Why are roller skates safe?

Roller blades are much faster and better. The roller skates are not as flexible as roller blades are. It's much safer to wear roller blades than roller skates and roller skates are likely to trip you up than roller blades. Also roller blades have more control than roller skates.

How much does roller skates weigh?

depense on the size

What happens if roller skates are to big for you?

You wont have as much control and It will feel awkward.

Roller skates are 75 dollars with a 5 percent tax how much are the rollerskates?

They are 78.75

How has the roller skates changed over the years?

advancement in roller skates has changed dramatically. when roller skates were invented, they were something like this: a wooden plate resting on two sticks attached with wheels. as scince and technology changed, roller skates also strted to develope. around 1980's the new model of roller skates came out. this time it was much stable and quicker than the previous ones. those skates used ball bearings fitted in the wheels. the top was made of metal. these days they are more advanced. they still use ball bearings, metal top but added with a fluid, which allows to gain a quick and fast speed.

How much did a slinky cost in the 1950?

how much did a slinky cost in the 1950s

How much do skates cost in Canada?

it depends on what skates you want the price mostly ranges at about 90$-300$

How much is roller skates in dollors?

It depends on if your going to buy good ones decent ones or bad ones.

How much do iceskates cost?

Ice skates cost about $99.00 or 100 something dollars.

How much did the Toyota cost in 1950s?