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How much did the first computer weigh?

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The first electronic computer was named Colossus and weighed approximately one ton.

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How much did the first commercially used computer weigh?


How much does a computer weigh?

51 pounds

How much does a laptop computer weigh?

Average about 5pounds

How many pounds did the first computer weigh?

The Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC), the first electronic digital computer weighed about 700 pounds.

How much did the colosses computer weigh?

The colossus computer weighed over 100 pounds

How much pounds does a computer weight?

All computer do not weigh the same. The weight varies.

How many tons Did the first computer weigh?

30 tons

How much does a gigabyte weigh?

Computer storage does not have any mass.

How much does a computer weigh on earth?

I THINK IT IS about 50 pounds

How much do wolves weigh when they are first born?

Wolves weigh about one pound when they are first born.

How much does an average computer weigh?

About 15.5 pounds or 7 Kg

How much does computer paper weigh?

A ream of computer paper ways just over 1 kilogram.

How many tons did the first computer wiegh?

First of all, it is 'weigh'. Aproximately 1 ton

How many pounds does a computer weigh?

That depends on the brand of computer. You might have to get a computer and weigh it.

How much would a computer weigh on the moon?

The exact weight depends on the exact computer. It would weigh 1/6 of whatever it weighs on Earth. So if the computer weighed 10 pounds, it would weigh 1-2/3 pounds on the moon.

What was the first laptop called and how much did it weigh?

What was the first laptop?

How much did the first television weigh?


How much did the first mammoths weigh?


How much did the first typewriter weigh?


How much does a Platypus weigh at birth?

When first hatched, platypuses weigh barely a gram.

How much does first aid kit weigh?

a frist aid kit weigh about 1pound

How much did 1975 computer weigh?

It depends entirely on the computer. Some were relatively small, others were larger than a trailer.

How much should you be able to lift?

about as much as you weigh at first start.

How many kilograms does a computer weigh?

it depends on what kind of computer you are weighing. you should try to weigh the computer you are talking about.

How much did the first telephone weigh?

10 pounds