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How much did the first telephone cost?


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You could lease a telephone for $20 to $40 per year which was a lot of money back in the 1870's. Only the wealthy were able to participate.


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The first telephone cost around $20.00

my first mobile cost is 9000 rs.

The true cost of the first telephone is unknown. However, what historians do know is that Alexander graham Bell didn't finance his own experiments when it came to the telephone. These were paid for by George Sanders and Mabel Hubbard, friends of Bell.

the first telephones costed around 20-40 dollars .

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You could not buy a telephone in 1870 because it had not been invented yet.

the cost of a fax is just like a telephone line. You buy a telephone and when you use it you get charged, it is the same thing with a fax, the more you use it, the more it cost.

Depends on the phone. If you are asking about a cell or landline the cost varies.

in the 1920's a "phone" cost roughly $14.

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Phones were not sold. You had to rent one from the phone company and the cost was part of the bill.

the average for monthly cost for a telephone has to be at 40 dollars it depends what kind of cell phone or telephone you have

That depends on your telephone carrier and your calling plan.

It depends on your service provider not on the make of telephone you have.

Telephone poles measure form 25-55 feet in height. In Pittsburgh they may cost anywhere from $3,000-$5,000 depending on the materials.

the telephone is much easier to use nowadays. it helps us much more then the first telephone made by Alexander Graham Bell on March 10,1876. ! :)

The first telephone that was invented in 1854 was 7 pounds. follow on instgram: kaeleilei

The telephone was Invented by Alexander Graham Bell 1874. Much before the shampoo

You couldn't buy a telephone in the 1960's. They were rented from the telephone company. Cell phones did not exist then.

No, telephone expense is an administration expense and administration expenses are not included in product cost so not a variable cost in the sence of product cost.

14 dollars if that. 200 dollars for the rich

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The first telephone like much of first working models, was not for sell to the public. Although, I understand that you want the price for the first Telephones sold. In which i would respond, 4.30$ sold to someone i beileve named Timothy Williams.

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