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women would get payed little as 5 pennys a day


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women were paid less because most of the factories were sexist and believed that women could not do as good a job as men, the women received on average £3.50 where as the men received £7.00.

how much do women footballer get paid and how it all started

i get 22.00 an hour that's me

1/3 of what the men got in battle.

Most factory workers got paid about 4 shillings a day. Some got paid a little more, but some got less. Hope this answers your question.

£2 a week cool eh that's not much money

Children were payed very little or nothing at all! Women weren't paid much more and a man would get the most money. Children would roughly get payed 3 shillings a week. Women would get 50 penni a day. Men would get 3 markka a day.

women athletes do not get paid, for any sport.

That depends on the sport, how experienced the women are, and in what country.

She is well, thanks for asking.

All Congress gets paid the same male and female.

Yes they get paid. Bit it is less than Men.

In he late 1800s in the United States, women could not vote. Very few women did paid work unless they were domestic workers, factory workers, or teachers.

A typical wage for male factory workers in the Victorian era was about 15 shillings a week. Female factory workers earned about 7 shillings a week.

Some women work in factories to make money. Women have fine motor skills which help them work efficiently. And women are paid less than men so there is more profit for the factory owner.

Women get paid around about £40 a day for playing women's professional football.

Yes they were women got paid little wages, and few hours. They likely worked either in a factory or as a school teacher.

Not really, but they can women are moving up in the world and becoming more independent and more educated.

During World War 2, many men who were normally working factory jobs were soldiers in the war, and factory jobs were necessary for the production of the weaponry and such needed for the war. Because of this, a campaign was led for women to take up those jobs, and so they were paid the wages those jobs were normally paid.

Employers paid women half of what they paid men. Working caused them to stay away from home for 12 hours or more a day. They also still had to feed and clothe their families, clean, and cope with such problems as sickness and injury.

characters get paid about $10 a hour management get paid starting at $33000

Women were payed about 25 cents to the dollar men were payed to do the same job.

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