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30,000 yr ?

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Q: How much do TSA employees make?
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How much money do TSA employees make?

10.00 to 18.00 an hour.

Are TSA airport security people federal employees?

Yes, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) people are federal employees. The TSA is a federal agency, so all who work for it are considered federal employees.

Do TSA employees carry weapons?

The only Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees who carry weapons are Federal Air Marshals.

What are the TSA agents in airports called?

There are different types of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents who work in airports.Transportation Security Inspectors- these TSA employees assess, inspect, and investigate passenger and cargo transportation systems to make sure they are secureTransportation Security Officers- these TSA employees screen people, property, and control entrance and exit points

What is TSA jobs and what do they do?

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. The employees of this make sure that people (flying for one) are checked before flights. This helps to keep the terrorist threat way down.

What is the cut off age for TSA employees?

There is no cut off age to become a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee. However, some jobs with the TSA require good physical and medical health which may cause problems for older employees applying to certain jobs.

How much do fed ex employees make yearly?

How much do fed ex employees make

What does TSA stand for and what is it responsible for doing?

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. The TSA is responsible for overseeing highways, railways, buses, pipelines, ports, mass transit systems, and airports. Their main focus is on airport security in which they are responsible for screening passengers and checking carry-on baggage. The TSA employees around 45,000 employees at 450 U.S. airports.

How much does scheels employees make?

Scheels employees make 2% commission

What is the maximum age to become a TSA agent?

There is no maximum age to become a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent. There are many jobs in the TSA which has older employees. However, most jobs in the TSA requires that you pass a physical and medical exam which may be harder for older persons.

How much do Sherwin Williams employees make?

not much

How much does a tsa barbell weigh?

a 7ft. olympic barbell made by TSA is 35lbs.

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