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i didn't know interns even got paid


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In order to get a degree in business management you must first attend a college that gives you access to study the field in business or business management and ensure that you succeed to earn your degree at the end.

I am going to school at the University of Phoenix and I am taking up Business Management and I wanted to know if I was getting in a good field.

You need training for management, at a top business school where you can earn an MBA because you need to hone your business acumen so that you can manage others efficiently.

A Bachelors in Business Management, will most likely earn appx. 50,000. However there is almost a bar in cooperations, basically requiring you to have a masters of business administration to get anywhere in the company.

A trainee intern (ie in their 6th year of medical school) earns just over NZ$26000.

You can manage products at a company, such as shipment and production, distribution. It would probably be better to go ahead and earn your business associates degree and earn more money then production management.

As an intern you earn about $15 an hour. After you are an official neanatologist you make about $400 an hour if you are good.

Sole proprietorship Profit maximisation providing a day to day focus for management and to ensure investments made by the company, to earn a return that is satisfactory to shareholders.

It's very possible to earn a degree in business management while studying distance learning. Many online degrees are available. You can earn a degree through distance learning with as little as six months. The most important thing to remember is that the school that you are enrolled into is nationally accrediated so you are getting a legitimate degree.

Business management courses provides lots of benefits for making professional career successful and great in this competitive environment. It will enhance your managerial, communication and presentation skills. You can get the good position job in any organization and earn lots of money from there, even you can start your business independently and run it very effectively with management startegies. WLVT ( is one of the best college to choose business management course.

There are many tourism and travel management schools across the nation. You can find a list of such schools at

It can take anywhere from two to four years to earn a business management degree. The length of time it takes is dependent upon the school chosen. If it is a two year college it will take two years. If it is a four year college it will take four years. This is assuming that all courses are taken as prescribed.

How much do change management consultants earn in south africa?

You should attend Northwest College for four years and earn your degree in business management with a minor and computers. This way you will have a well verse background in the software license management field.

120 semester hours plus or minus one depending on the school.

Businesses do not earn salaries, people do.

in business firm business man can earn more information about the goods n earn profit

There are various online universities where one may earn a certificate in online project management. Some of them are: Villanovau, Berkeley, PMI, Capella and Earn My Degree.

it depend on the type of business

To earn extra money during the off-season and prepare for his business career, he worked as a bank management trainee for seven years and participated in an auto dealer-training program for two years.

There are a lot of schools offering online courses in business management, in order to narrow down the choice, you could start by looking at schools in your state. Some universities offer courses that can be taken online. Some schools - UMass Online, Virginia College, DeVry University.

It depends on the hospital. Average of about $40,000 I think. It depends on the hospital. Average of about $40,000 I think.

A person that earns an Associateâ??s degree in business management has the ability to hold many different types of job positions. The average salary that these individuals are capable of making depend on the specific job position they hold. For example an office manager can earn between $28,677 and $60,190 annually while an operations manager with the same degree can earn $32,500 to $110,745 a year.

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