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Q: How much do a bushel of peaches cost?
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How much does a bushel of peaches cost in MI in 2011?

I paid 16.50 for 1/2 bushel of pre- picked high quality Red Havens at Portland farm market.

How much does a half a bushel of peaches weigh?

48 pounds per bushel

How many peaches are in a bushel?

About fifty pounds of peaches are in a bushel. Equivalent to 140 peaches .

How many pecks of peaches in a bushel?

There are a total of 4 pecks of peaches per bushel. There are generally between 100 and 125 peaches in a bushel.

How much is a bushel of peaches?

50 pounds (US measurement)

How many peaches are there to a half bushel?

A half bushel usually holds 20-25 pounds of peaches. The specific number of peaches will depend on the size of each peach.

What is the collective noun of peaches?

Some collective nouns for peaches are a bushel of peaches, an orchard of peaches, a can (tin) of peaches.

How many peaches come in a box of peaches from a fruitstand?

It depends on the size of a box, whether you mean a bushel, a peck, or what. One source says they got 116 peaches in a bushel box. However, bushels are measured by weight rather than number, and a bushel of peaches is 50 pounds. A peck is a quarter bushel, so that could be around 29 peaches if you use the number from the source mentioned above. There are 2-3 peaches in a pound, depending on the size of the peaches, and there are roughly 50 pounds in a bushel. As a side note, bushel sizes vary with the type of fruit. A bushel of apples is 48 pounds. Also, if you mean the flat kind of wooden box with a plastic form to hold the peaches in a pattern in a single layer, the fruitstands in my area normally have 48 peaches to a box.

How much does a bushel of cucumbers cost?

$40 a bushel and $22 for a half bushel

How many pears in a bushel?

A bushel is determined by weight not by the number. The weight for a bushel of pears is 50 pounds and a bushel of peaches is 48 pounds.

How many peaches in a bushel?


How many quarts of peaches are there in a bushel?

In home canning this can depend.You can get 12 quarts of peaches out 1 bushel. A bushel of tomatoes weighs 53 pounds and will fill about 22 quart bottles whether you bottle them as tomatoes, or juice them.

How much does a bushel of peaches weigh?

48-50 lbs. 48-50 lbs. 48-50 lbs.

How much does a bushel of tomatos cost?


How much does a bushel of potatoes cost?


How much did a can of peaches cost in 1950?

it cost about 20 cents

Is a peck of peaches bigger than a bushel of apples?

Well, seeing as WikiAnswers states the following: "Jobs and Education question: How many peck in a bushel? Four pecks in a bushel, and two gallons in a peck, so eight gallons in a bushel". Then the answer would be: a peck of peaches is smaller than a bushel of apples.

How much does a bushel of lima beans cost?

i have no idea, but i reckon they cost millions.

What is a lug of peaches?

A lug is an agricultural unit, usually slightly less than a bushel. The last lug of peaches I purchased contained 50 individual peaches.

How much does a can of peaches cost?

That is approximately $2.59

It is claimed that in a bushel of peaches less than ten percent are defective. A sample of 400 peaches are examined and 50 are found to be defective. What is the p-value?


How much does a bushel of butter beans cost?

Two dollars

How much does a bushel of dried dent corn cost?


How much does a bushel of tomatoes cost?

The price for a bushel of tomatoes might vary from place to place but is going to be roughly 25 to 30 dollars. A bushel of tomatoes is about 50 pounds.

How much does a 16 ounce can of peaches cost?

About $2