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How much do a supervisor make at babies r us?

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well they use ferr and wolf skin

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How much money does a nuclear security supervisor make?

US $12000 a month

Who is the Supervisor of the US?

The President

How much do Babies R Us employees get paid?

About $7.50/hr

How much does Babies R Us pay?

$8.00 per hour

Do they sell babies at babies r us?

No, they sell products intended for babies.

How many babies were born in the US in 2007?

About 4,315,000 babies were born in the US in 2007.

Why do we need the reproductive system?

because the reproductive system can help us make healthy babies,...

Does babies 'r' us sell babies?

No, they sell products for babies.

Who is the supervisor of the diplomatic activities of the US?

Ambassador of the United States

Is there a supervisor at the counting of the ballots for the us presidential elections?

no it is unsupervised

Do they make Toddler Harnesses in a teenager size?

yes you can buy them at a babies R us, just larger (:

How much does a welder make a day in the US?

how much do welders make a day

Can I use a Babies R Us coupon at Toys R Us?

Most of the time the coupons for Babies R Us also have Toys R Us on them too. Because of this, a coupon for Babies R Us should be able to be used at Toys R Us as well.

Where can i buy Johnson's baby oil mouse?

try Babies R Us try Babies R Us

How does a panda make babies?

Just like all animals do including us! They have sex and a new life is formed

How many illegal alien babies born in the US in 2007?

Babies are not illegal if they are born in the US. They instantly become citizens.

How many babies on average are born in the US each day?

Approximately 11,000 babies are born every day in the US.

Why do guniea pigs have babies?

Well, why do humans have babies? so that there are more of us!

Do river dolphans lay eggs or make babies?

dolphins are mammels like us, they have babys and the babys nurse from the mothers.

What is one quote said by Frederick William herschel?

"There is much in the world to make us afraid. There is much more in our faith to make us unafraid."

Do babies need food?

Of course! babies need food. they are humans just like us and they need to eat just as much or even more than we do cause they are growing lil things.

What is the average income for building supervisor?

The Average based on US states $89,000

How Many Babies are Born every day in US?

Approximately 11,000 babies are born every day in the US.

How many babies were born in 2006 in the US?

1263666 babies were born in the U.S in 2006

What is the Babies R Us corporate phone number or e mail for marketing and sales?

Babies R Us is a subsidiary of Toys R Us. Try the below website: