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Q: How much do baleen whales way?
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Related questions

Are tothed whales bigger then baleen whales?

baleen whales are much larger than toothed whales

Are bowhead whales baleen whales?

Bowhead whales are baleen whales.

Are pilot whales toothed or baleen whales?

they are teeth not Baleen whales

Are humpback whales toothed or baleen whales?


How much teeth do baleen whales have?

they have much teeth

Does a Rorual Whale belong to the toothed whales or Baleen whales?

Baleen Whales.

Are baleen whales in the ocean?

Baleen whales live in the ocean.

Kinds of baleen whales?

Some kinds of baleen whales are grey whales, right whales, humpback whales, and blue whales.

What is the difference between baleen and toothed whales?

Toothes whales eat other animals such as seals, fish and squid. Baleen whales have thick brush like baleen and eat by straining sea water through the baleen to filter out microscopic plants and animals.The toothed whale have teeth but, the baleen whale have baleen. The toothed whale have jaws lined with sharp teeth but, the baleen whales have baleen hung from upper jaw. The toothed whale feed on fish, squid, etc. but, baleen whales feed on small sea life.Baleen whales, or odontocetes whales, have baleen.Toothed whales, or mysticetes whales, have teeth.

Are toothed whales or baleen whales bigger?

Baleen whales are technically larger than tooth whales because the blue whale is the largest animal on the planet, but the sperm whale, which is a tooth whale, is pretty large.The baleen whales are normally larger, except for the sperm whale, which can be as long as many baleen whales.

Are baleen whales warm blooded?

All whales incl baleen whales are warm blooded.

Are gray Whales toothed whales or Baleen whales?

Gray whales are baleen whales. The Sperm whale is the only really big toothed whale.

What whales have baleen?

Baleen whales,and Humpback whales.these are just some I know

Where does the baleen whale live?

There is no such thing as "The Baleen Whale." There are toothed whales and baleen whales. Toothed whales have teeth in their mouthes and baleen whales have baleen in their mouths. Baleen is a type of strainer. A Baleen whale eats by taking a lot of water and food in its mouth and forcing the water back out through the Baleen and eating the food. A number of different types of Baleen whales exist from the gigantic blue whales to intermediate sized right whales to the small Sei whales. A number of them eat in Arctic or Antarctic waters or in cold northern or southern waters. That is where they find food the easiest. In winter they come closer to the equator to have their babies and to breed.

Do whales have teeth like brushes?

some do! it's called baleen, whales who have that are known as baleen whales! however, not all whales have baleen. like orcas, they have teeth. anyways, i hope that helps!

Do baleen whales travel in big herds?

Some baleen whales travels alone........

Are right whales baleen whale?

Yes, right whales are baleen whales. They have no teeth. They have baleen, whalebone, to strain out water and keep in plankton, krill and shrimp to swallow and eat.

Are Gray Whales baleen or toothed?


Are rorqual whales toothed or baleen?


Are humpback whales ballen whales?

They are part of Baleen whale. To be specific, it is Balaenopteridae family. This is the largest group of baleen whales.

Are Right whales toothed whales?

No, they are baleen whale and have the second longest baleen in the whale history.

Which group of whales eats krill?

Baleen Whales eat krill using the Baleen in their mouth.

Are the baleen female whales bigger than male baleen whales?

They have to carry huge babies...

Do baleen whales eat squid?

Squid tends to be too large for baleen whales to eat.

How big is a baleen whale?

There are several species of baleen whales, and the're different in size. Baleen whales include some of the largest suborders of whales, the blue whales, humpback whales, gray whales and right whales. The blue whale is the largest. It can grow to 33 meters or 110 feet. The blue whale can also weigh as much as 280 metric tons or 200 short tons.