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How much do bettas cost?

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Bettas or fighting fish, can cost anywhere between $8-$12 depending on the pet store. I am not sure if males cost more than females or vica versa though.

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What are the differences between girl bettas and boy bettas?

Boy bettas have really big fins and are very colorful, and girl bettas are pretty much the opposite!

How much is a Betta fish?

Betta's can cost anything from £2.00 ($2.30) up to about £7.00 ($7.40) However, you can get 'pure bred' bettas that cost about £10.00+ ($11.00+) John, Fishpert

Do male bettas fight the female bettas?

Yes, some times if you are not careful when trying to breed bettas, the male will attack the female and he can injure the female. The females are much smaller than the males.

Are bettas cool?

Bettas are great.

How much room do you need to breed bettas?

10 gallon tank.

What fish can bettas be with?

well this won't be much help becase its not a fish but i know that snails will do veary veary well with bettas. sorry that's all i know... :)

Do male bettas get along with female bettas?

No, not at all.

What country are bettas from?

Bettas originate from Southeast Asia.

Can betta live with family?

No. Bettas (especially males) are solitary, and do not live with other bettas. MAle bettas will attempt to kill other fish they see, including bettas.

Bettas and goldfish?

Male bettas should be kept alone. Female bettas can sometimes be kept with other fish, but in a large community tank. Bettas need their space!

Why do boy bettas hate other boy bettas?

bettas are very territorial fish, the males fight for their territiory.

Why do bettas swim at top of bowl?

Bettas swim at the top of the bowl because they are hungry. Bettas are hungry fish

How much to feed your bettas?

You feed them by the size of the eye. You can do it using the tip of the toothpick.

How much longer will your betta live?

Bettas only live a couple of years.

Why do bettas bite people?

Bettas, especially males, are territorial fish, which is why they are best kept alone. Fortunately, betta mouths are small enough it won't hurt much if you get nipped.

How do you breed Japanese bettas?

the same as all the other bettas

Do bettas kill guppys?

Bettas will eat baby guppys as will most other fish, but in general, male Bettas will only fight with other male Bettas. They do not fight with other species of fish

Do female and male bettas kill each other?

No. Male Bettas will kill a female if either she will not spawn with him, or if she is left in his tank after he has spawned her. Male Bettas can not be kept with other Bettas, male or female.

What happens when the light for a bettas is too bright?

I very much doubt if any normal light would be brighter than sunlight which is what Bettas evolved to live under. Lights can however be too hot and raise the temperature in the Bettas tank too high for the fish to survive.

Do bettas have gills?

yes bettas have small gills because they are a fish!

Will Bettas be able to breed and have offspring in a 30-gallon tank?

They should be able to it actually might be to big. i don't know for sure because i stay away from the goldfish and bettas as much as possible.

How do you teach a betta tricks?

you can teach them but its a little hard. my bettas can jump out of their tank and eat when i tap the glass. just ask me when ever you like! i know so much about bettas but i dont mean to brag.

Is a betta fish a mammal?

No bettas are fish not mammals. Bettas have a labyrinth organ which enables them to breathe air when there is not enough oxygen in the water to sustain them. Here are some things that separate bettas from mammals Hair. Bettas have no hair or fur Scales. Bettas have scales, mammals do not Ability to breathe through gills. Mammals do not have gills, bettas do Egg laying. Bettas lay eggs, mammals give birth to babies without shells that are able to breathe by themselves

Why do male bettas try to fight their reflection?

They see them the same as other male bettas,as competition,they cannot tell the diffrence between their reflections and other bettas.

Will baby bettas hatch if they do not have a bubblenest?

Bettas won't spawn at all if there is not a bubble nest.