How much do black bears eat Daily?

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According to the National Bear Conservation Foundation, black bears usually eat between 34 and 37.7 pounds each day. Yet these calculations may vary depending on envirnment and the size of the subject. Northern black bears tend to weigh less than southern black bears due to the amount of vegetation available.
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What do black bears eat?

They will eat just about anything, since they are omnivores. Their principle diet depends on the location and the season. They will eat nuts, berries, grass and other plants, fish, insect larvae, small mammals like mice, voles, rats and rabbits, and will also hunt and kill larger game like deer, moo ( Full Answer )

Will a black bear eat a deer?

Yes. Black bears will eat deer that have been caught by another predator or another bear, or one that they have hunted themselves.

Do grizzly bears eat black bears?

No, but black bear cubs have a much higher chance than the adults to get eaten by a roaming grizzly.

What animal eats black bears?

the answer will be "none" because there are none of the animal as big as black bear, or there only can be other black bear or other bears.>_< BTW this answer is way wrong who ever wrote/typed this is crazy!

What animal eats a black bear?

One black bear kills another black bear. He ate a lot of that bear, but he got full. So along came a wolf. He ravished himself on the bear too. Next the buzzards came along and the black birds. They finished off the bear. Some dogs came along and grabbed a lot of bones to take home to bury in their ( Full Answer )

What does the asian black bear eat?

Although bears are classified in the carnivore family, they exhibit characteristics that are predominately ominivoristic. 85% of their diet is typically vegetable matter. They also eat seeds, insects, berries, nuts, and some meat including carrion. Black bears also develop a taste for human garbage. ( Full Answer )

What does a black bear eat?

Black bears eat meat ,fruit , and other things that they can get there paws on in the wild that a normal person like you and i would eat in the wild. you are a black bear wiz

What eats a black bear?

Black Bears have no predators...except humans.. Brown Bears have been known to kill Black Bears, especially small ones. A large pack of wolves can and have killed Black Bears before. People don't realize but the majority of mature Black Bear sows weigh between 150 to 250 lbs. Young Black Bears that ( Full Answer )

Do black bears eat grass?

They might, but probably would not gain much nutrient fom it as it is too hard for their stomachs to digest. Wild bears have been known to eat certain types of tree bark, horsetail and skunk cabbage, but not grass.

Do black bears eat other bears?

Black bears are not known to eat other species of bears, or to be cannibalistic in nature. Here is a detailed outline of their diet: "Black bears are omnivores whose diet includes plants, meat, and insects. Their diet typically consists of about 10-15% animal matter." --Wikipedia For more informat ( Full Answer )

Do black bears eat people?

Not necessarily, but if they are provoked they will attack people.They are not man eaters.

What eats an american black bear?

Alligators in southeastern united states will occasionally kill and feed on black bears. Humans will also hunt and eat bears, and male bears won't hesitate eating a bear cub or two if it comes across it. Vultures, ravens, magpies, beetles, flies, bacteria, wolves, coyotes and various other scavenger ( Full Answer )

Do black bears eat humans?

No. Most bears are scared of humans and try to avoid them. If a black bear is threatened by a human it will defend itself and fight. yo yo yo i knew a black bear once his name was jack he hacked my profile and that's a fact.

Do black bears eat owls?

Black bears do not eat a lot of animals. They prefer nuts andberries as well as insects. The will eat dead carcasses of otheranimals and small rodents and rabbits.

What meat do black bears eat?

Mule and white-tailed deer fawns, moose and elk calves and occasionally bald eagle chicks. Though it should be noted that 85% of a black bear's diet is vegetation.

What do black bears eat in the summer?

Berries, grass, fish and grubs. They still will seek the opportunity to hunt and eat rodents or clean off a wolf kill when the opportunity commences itself.

Does a black-bear eat a cat?

If a black-bear is hungry it will eat ANYTHING. So therefore a black-bear will eat a cat.

Do black bears eat wolves?

A black bear can eat a lone wolf, but since wolves live in packs, the black bear would prefer not to. When it comes to carrion fights, black bears will attack wolves and sometimes drive them away.

Do people eat black bears?

Yes, people hunt, kill, and eat black bears. Bear meat is tasty, but very tough. Tenderizing and marinating the meat is a must if you plan on eating it.

What do asiatic black bears eat?

Asiatic black bears eat fruits, nest of bees, insects, invertebrates, small vertebrates. They also eat carrion stolen from tigers and leopards on ocassions.

What animals do black bears eat?

Black Bears eat mostly fish and berries and any fruit that they may find. They rarely actively hunt other mammals. They will eat anything that they may find which is dead (like carrion from a wolf kill), as well as what they can find in human garbage.

What a black bear eat?

Black bears may be the least carnivorous of the "carnivores" of North America. They consume a wide variety of seasonally abundant herbs, forbs, fruits, berries, nuts, and other plant parts and products. The specific plants may differ among the a number of ecoregions of North America. However, certai ( Full Answer )

Do black bears eat grizzly bears?

Black bears only eat dead or injured grizzly bears that they rarely find, but black bears usually eat unguarded grizzly bear cubs.

How often do black bears eat?

They forage for food, so they are always looking for it. No set times when they eat.

Do black bears eat foxes?

If given a chance, black bears will eat foxes along with other small mammals. The bulk of their diet consists of vegetation. They love honey and will eat hives, insects and all, despite getting stings on their paws.

Can you eat black bears?

Yes, they are quite good, with flesh similar to pork.Best way is roasted steaks, wrapped in bacon strips.

What does american black bears eat?

About anything. They eat both vegetable and animal matter, crave sweets such as honey, apples, and will even eat ant larvae and termites. Also is a predator to a degree, killing deer fawns, rodents and birds.

What a black bear eats?

sometimes bears go near rivers and wait for a fish and they eat it or they eat wild animals around them or they can even eat you

How much do puppies eat daily?

It depends on what kind of dog it is. For example, my dog is a Shitz Tzu- Bichon and eats 1/2 a cup in the morning and then another in the evening.

Do black bears eat moose?

Yes. Black bears will kill and eat moose calves if they catch one that is unguarded. Black bears will also eat moose carcasses that wolves had killed. Sometimes a black bear may be able to kill an adult moose, though it most likely would be one that is sick, wounded or too weak to put up much of a f ( Full Answer )

Do tigers eat black bears?

On occasion, but not all the time. Tigers prefer deer over bears most of the time.

Do black bears eat healthy?

Hard to say, but no and yes because sometimes black bears are in garbage or on the street eating garbage.Yes because when they are in the woods the eat tree bark or other animals.

What mammals do black bears eat?

They eat: dead animals and small animals but from what I know they really are not carnivores, nor do I know WHAT small or dead animals they eat!! They also eat (not mammals) but they eat plants, bulbs, insects, roots, and fish.

Do black bears eat catfish?

yes, in most bears diets, they eat many types of fish including catfish, salmon, cod, etc...

Can you eat black bear liver?

I am going to try some tomorrow found a kill spot with all the organs carried liver out in my pack..will I try it; yes..Nick Homyak, Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey 07034

Do wolverines eat black bears?

No. Wolverines are a lot smaller than black bears, and wouldn't have a chance of killing one. But wolverines don't mind scavenging, and might well have a nibble if they came across an already dead bear.

What did African black bears eat?

There are no bear species in Africa any more. The Atlas bear from North Africa is extinct, with the last one hunted to death in Morocco in 1890. Its diet was probably roots, acorns and nuts. The Atlas bear was, however, a brown bear subspecies.

How do black bear cubs eat?

Black bear cubs are born in the early spring in the hibernationden. Black bear mothers feed the cubs from her breast. They willcontinue to feed from their mother until they adapt to a diet ofall solid food. At that time they will eat foods that their motherfinds and shows them to eat, including berr ( Full Answer )

Will black bears eat polar bears?

Happily for black bears, they do not live where polar bears do. They would be no match for a polar bear.

What do black bears eat that are plants?

Black bears eat a variety of plants. These include young shoots, berries, acorns, pine cones, etc. In fact, plants make up a greater part of the bear's diet than meat does.

What do Georgia black bear eat?

Anything that is can find and is palatable to humans. So if fastfood and milk shakes are available the bear will forsake insects,grubs, plants an fresh carrion. They are rarely fast enough andhealthy prey such as rabbits, deer, and raccoon slow enough to becaught.