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How much do coal miners get paid?

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Pay is a lot better than it once was. The actual pay will depend on where you are, and what skills you have. A skilled equipment operator or blaster will make more than a laborer. No way to give one single answer- sorry.

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How much did coal miners get paid in England?


How much money did Victorian coal miners get paid?

ten pence a week

How much were miners paid in the 1920s?

What was the pay scale like for coal miners in 1920 in the United States?More how they got paid, not exactly what with.

Do coal miners mine for coal?

Yes, coal miners mine coal.

How much do coal miners earn?

$800 a week

How much money do West Virginia coal miners make?

According to the show 30 Days (documentary TV show created by Morgan Spurlock), coal miners make around $60,000/year. ^^^^ Actually coal miners for the most dangerous job, the bolt liners take home $180,000. The lowest paid one is about $80-90,000. Source: Actual miners from West Virginia (from WV)

Were the miners in Chile coal miners?

No, they are copper miners.

Who find coal?

Coal miners ,, ,

How much was a miners salary in the early 1900?

how much did miners get paid in the 1800's? Miners in those days got paid by the ton. I was told by my great grandfather that when started mining in the 20's that he started out at 5 cents a ton for the first year he worked. You also have to remember that there was no machinery in those days so all the coal had to mined and loaded by hand.

How much is coal miners retirements?

Sadly unless it us a union mine (there are very few now) coal miners don't get retirements, barely even benefits.

How much do miners in South Africa get paid?


Where can you read about history of coal miners?

You can read about the history of coal miners from Wikipedia's official website. You can also read about the history of coal miners from Mining USA's official website.

How many coal miners are there in Canada?

Canada is ranked 5th in world for coal production. It is estimated that there are roughly 200,000 coal miners in Canada.

Where did Victorian coal miners work?

In coal mines.

How much do miners get paid to work?

£4.00 per hour

Why did coal miners take canaries into coal mines?

...if the bird died, the miners knew to GET OUT because of bad air...

What do the coal miners do after they mine the coal?

they go home and get layed

What do miners eat?

miners eat bat soup, coal and rock.

What is the health problems for coal miners?

Coal miners that are exposed to coal dust are prone to get what is called black lung disease. The coal duct accumulates in the lungs and makes it difficult to breathe.

How much do miners get paid in chile?

Around $40,000 - $200,000 Anuualy

What did coal miners eat?


Were the Seven Dwarfs brothers or just all coal-miners?

It is not stated if they were brothers. They did all work together in the coal mine.

What is wrong with coal miners looking for gold?

they look for coal not gold

When was Coal Miners' Museum - Van Lear - created?

Coal Miners' Museum - Van Lear - was created in 1984.

Where is the Coal Miners Museum in Coalgate Oklahoma located?

The address of the Coal Miners Museum is: 212 S Broadway, Coalgate, OK 74538

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