How much do cockatoo birds weigh when full grown?


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Galah / Rose-breasted; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 345 grams (281-390 grams).

Gang Gang; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 280 grams.

Goffin's; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 221-386 grams and Average Chick Weight: 10.

Greater Sulphur-crested; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 880 grams.

Lesser Sulphur-crested; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 350 grams.

Moluccan; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 640-1025 grams (average 850) and Average Chick Weight: 20

Palm; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 900 grams (Adults range from 600-1000) and Average Chick Weight: 18

Umbrella; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 458-750 grams (average 600 to 700 g) and Average Chick Weight: 18


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