How much do factory workers in china make?

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it depends because there is no min wage.
some make $1 hr some $2 a day.
Lots of factories provide free (on site) housing and food as well.
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How much does a factory worker make?

Depending on the type of work a factory worker does, the salary can range anywhere from $20,000 per year to $40,000. Location and experience also play a key role in the salary amount.

How much do Social Workers makes?

Social workers can make up to or around $3,000 a month; before taxes. In a year the pay ranges from $30,000 to $80,000. This depends mainly on how experienced you are and how well educated you are. They can make more than 80,000. Again it depends on expirence and education and the field you are ( Full Answer )

How much do iron workers make?

Iron Workers make about 20-35 dollars an hour depending on what you are doing on the job.But dont forget,getting laid off in this trade is frequent and not steady for some.

How much do target workers make?

in the Houston area a regular Team Member now makes $8/hr I believe Team lead lvl 1 $10 lvl 2 $12 lvl 3 $15 Senior Team Lead $15 but it will depend on experience and how many years of service.. Executive Team Leads and above are on a Salary base. I think Executive Team ( Full Answer )

How much did factory workers get paid?

Most factory workers got paid about 4 shillings a day. Some got paid a little more, but some got less. Hope this answers your question.

How much pollution is make from a factory in a year?

Each factory produces an amount of pollution specific to its operations, there is no standard amount. The factors would be: . the type of fuel burned . the processes involved . the materials processed and produced . the level of pollution control

What does a factory worker do?

A factory worker helps us as people get the things we need like food,plumbing things and drinks.

How much do walmart workers make?

It really depends on the store, You should ask the store manager. On average though, you receive a raise every year. How much the raise is depends on if you are full or part time.

How much do factory workers make?

factory workers make a decent amount of money my brother in law works at a dog food factory and he earns $100 an hour that is a low rate for factory workers most make between $130-$500 hope this was helpful

How much does a fabrication worker make?

depending on what they do it varies.If they fabricate on oil rigs they can make anywhere from $80,000-$120,000 a year Canadian if they fabricate structural steel in shops such as bridges, buildings etc... guys who do this make about $60,000 a year plus extremely good benefits. Steel fabricators/weld ( Full Answer )

How much do ESPN workers make?

Different ESPN workers make different amounts of money, if they go live... they would make about $7500 everytime, if they are only on for a short time then they don't get as much.... feel free to edit this answer.

How much do retail workers make?

cashiers only make $7-8, more if they pull a night shift. retail asst managers make 17-23 per hour, and store managers make approx 80000 per year. needless to say, working retail does not really pay until you have made it to the top....

How much food do factory farms make?

Factory farms make the majority of our food. That is why it is so important to learn about factory farms and support alternatives for them.

How much were factory workers paid in the 1800s?

Children were payed very little or nothing at all! Women weren't paid much more and a man would get the most money. Children would roughly get payed 3 shillings a week. Women would get 50 penni a day. Men would get 3 markka a day.

How much does a social worker with a masters make?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for social worker as of May 2008 is, $48,180. This would amount to $23.16 per hour. Median annual wages of child, family, and school social workers were $39,530 in May 2008. The middle 50 percent earned between $31,04 ( Full Answer )

How is much does a social worker make?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for social workers as of May 2008 is, $48,180. This would amount to $23.16 per hour.

How much do winery workers make?

I work at almaden cellars in Madera California Ani get pai 19.35 an hour and were under paid most wineries make 25$ an hour

How much do teachers in china make?

Chinese teacher's in Chinese public schools start off with a salaryof about $500 US per month. Foreign native English speakingteachers in Chinese public schools start at about $900 US per monthbut with experience they can make up to $2000 US per month. Keep inmind that the cost of living in China, e ( Full Answer )

How much did factory workers get paid in the fifties?

As someone who grew up and came of age in the 50's I can recall that the prevailing wage for blue collar workers (depending on the area of the country and the industry in question) was between five and ten dollars an hour. And TEN dollars an hour was considered a HIGH wage.

How much does field workers make?

field workers usually make around 400-600 dollars weekly. its no so bad as people may think it is. the least amount of money youll ever make would be 400 some... pretty good ain't it?

How much did workers get paid in a Victorian factory?

they got paid very little, as the people who owned the factory were mean and cruel, as they were very rich. mean to children, like children didnt matter. like children didnt exist. *gasp!* what if we dont well i never saw it wait what if we wer- *ehem* sorry!

How much do prison workers make?

In the US it depends on the state in which the prison is located. Whether it is a state or federal prison. And, what type of job.

How much do drywall workers make?

Drywallers can make good money if they are good. 0-4 years expect $10 to $18 an hour 5 - 10 years expect $18 to $25 an hour. Read more: .

How much makes construction worker?

In 2010, the average annual salary for construction workers was $51,000 per year. There are a variety of factors that influence a specific salary of a construction worker: years of experience, level of expertise, special skills, and size of employer. The general salary range of a construction worker ( Full Answer )

What does a factory worker in Honduras make?

Hondurean worker with no education can bring home around $9.00 per day (L170.00) around 4000.00 lempira per month ($210.00) as per today June 2012.

How much do csx workers make?

Stationary basic track foreman - $24.33/hr vehicle operator - $23.67/hr track man - $21.52/hr machine operator a - $24.30/hr welder - $24.71/hr welder helper - $22.92/hr

Why did Britain make it illegal for factory workers to leave the country?

Countries and territories - while we still have them - are social experiments and in some life is far worse than elsewhere prompting many to wish to leave. Consider East Germany. Before the borders with West Germany were shut and fortified thousands left East Germany on a daily basis. This could not ( Full Answer )

How much do subway worker make?

The amount of money that a subway worker makes varies. This may vary from one state to another and the level of experience may also be a consideration. The federal minimum wage for a subway worker is set at $7.36 per hour.