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How much do funeral directors get paid?


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It greatly depends on your area. On average, a funeral director is making about what teachers are making. If you own a funeral home, then it depends on volume of service. A Funeral Home doing about 350 (calls per year) with a single owner - he or she could easily be making 6 figures.


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. I honestly don't know "who" is the highest paid funeral director; however, funeral directors can expect to make between 37 and 92 thousand dollars per year.

In the US, we call them funeral directors.

Funeral Directors, who are also called Morticians or Undertakers, maker anywhere from $38,980 to $69,680. The national average for Funeral Directors is $52,210. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011 Edition.

Many UK Funeral Directors like to train new funeral directors inhouse, this ensures that company values, methods and USP's can be translated into new employees. Much of this inhouse training can involve external courses and qualifications.

The National Funeral Directors Association estimates $6195 in 2006 and $6560 in 2009. The 2010 estimate is $7775, but many factors contribute to how much a funeral costs.

At the time of funeral ceremony the scene is full of pathos, emotions, feelings and passions. As such, the influence of the funeral directors affects the minds of the family and they can create a feeling of charity and generosity for memorial gifts

Funeral directors go by many names. Undertakers is one of them, they are also commonly called morticians.

if you are talking about the family, yes they do. if you are talking about the directors and the employees, no they do not. In the UK the funeral is normally paid from the deceased estate or insurance. If this is not possible then the next of kin can pay but are not obliged to. If they do not the state pays for a minimal funeral.

I was paid $50 at the last funeral I ran the soundboard,

A series of linked together funeral homes in Tennessee.

Directors of a company are usually paid based on the contract that they signed with the company.

At a funeral parlour, although they can carry out their work in different places.

for 1 descent movie; probably about £500,000

Funeral services can be payed for WITH insurance, but the cost of a funeral is not paid for BY the insurance plan. A funeral is a 'out of pocket' expense.

. In the UK, funeral directors require certification and accreditations. In order to get certified through the National Association of Funeral Directors, you actually have to be employed in the industry. The organization provides the training for certification.

A moirologist is someone who gets paid to go to a funeral.

Hi there, pay for funeral directors can vary greatly, like any business it all boils down to how good you become at running a company overall. Here in the UK, funeral directors make a good living, most earning in excess of £50,000 PA.

Hi there, in the UK funeral directors do not acutally need to hold any formal qualifications. However, there is a National Diploma in Funeral Directing - which many within the UK industry now hold. Alternatively, many funeral directors are family owned businesses and hence a lot of training tends to be inhouse and individual to the particular company.

Hi there. Licensing requirement vary from state to state and country to country. Here in the UK, most funeral directors get their education and licensing through the British Institute of Funeral Directors. In the US, each state has its own licensing requirements so you would need to contact the board of funeral directors in the state that you intend to practice.

Funeral home interns general are paid. They can make 41,000 to 53,000 dollars a year. This is a specialized filed and the pay reflects that.

I would imagine the main equipment required by a funeral director would be a hearse!

Most reports have said that Whitney Houston's family paid for the funeral.

In the UK about £15 per person per funeral.

In the United States most mortuary directors are known as licensed funeral directors, or LFD's.

they get paid over 300,000 pounds out of the profit of the donations they are sent but they only use like 30% of the donations

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