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About 200,000

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Q: How much money does a film director earn?
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How much money a film assistant director earn?

A film assistant director can get a salary of over a million dollars if they get to work on a major movie production. The director of a major film can get up to 11 million dollars in salary.

How much money spielberg can earn for film titanic?

Steven Spielberg was not involved in "Titanic". James Cameron was the writer and director.

How much money does a director of pharmacy earn?


How much money does a film director usually earn?

Answerit depends on how successful the movie is, but they should earn a good amount like about $35,000-$50,000-$500,000

How much money does a funeral home director or embalmer earn?


How much money does a high school band director earn?


How much money does an college athletic director earn?

$4. A year.

How much money does an aldi director earn?

my friend is one, they earn approx £115,000 per year but no bonuses

How much does a director of aircraft maintenance earn?

you should do your job because you want to not for the money.

How much money does a directer gets paid?

A new director might earn as little as $20,000 a year, while the most successful can earn over $500,000 or even millions per film in some cases.

How much money does a director of a preschool earn?

you can earn $50 in just 60sec again and again . No skills required please go through the link: I can pay out $2000 in just 2 days. Its genuine

How much money does will smith earn per film?

roughly 20 million per

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