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100-250 pounds

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100-250 pounds

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Q: How much do male jaguars weight?
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What is a male jaguars average weight?

The average weight for most jaguars is between 124 to 211 pounds. Males in particular, the most extremes have been recorded as 350 lbs. as the heaviest and 80 lbs. at the lightest.

Who would win in a fight between a lion or a jaguar?

A male lion (weighing 450+ lbs) would easily dispatch a jaguar. . . but a female lion would have little chance against a large male jaguar as the average weight of a female lion is 300 lbs and large male jaguars can weigh over 350 lbs. Jaguars are much more dense and muscular lbs for lbs than lions, as well as having a much stronger bite force. Jaguars are also more aggressive and territorial than female lions.

Difference between male and female jaguars?

Male jaguars are generally larger than females. Male jaguars will travel over greater distances than females and are more adventurous.

What will win in a race jaguar vs lion?

jaguars - would win because they or light weight male lions are heavier

Do male jaguars look different from female jaguars?

the jaguars do not look different but there's a size difference

How much do jaguars wiegh?

Up to 250 pounds for a large male. Females are somewhat smaller.

Why is the jaguars in danger?

the jaguars weigh about female jaguars weigh about 170 to 190 pounds and the male jaguars weigh about 175 to 225 pounds.

How much do male barn owls weight in grams?

The average weight of a male barn owl is 470g.

Do jaguars care for baby jaguars?

their mother would care. Infact shed care so much shed probably attack if not kill somone holding her cub. And the male jaguar would not care so much but a lot.

What is the biggest jaguar?

Larger male jaguars have been recorded to weigh as much as 158 kg (348 lb).

What is the difference from male and female jaguars?

A male is smaller than the female.

What are male and a female jaguars called?


What are the American Crocodile's predators?

Jaguars prey on female american crocodiles and the small male american crocodiles. Large male american crocodiles would be safe from jaguars and have no predators.

How much do male rhinos weigh?

The average weight of a male rhino is ~ 4500 pounds.

How much can a male python weight?

Pythons weight between 70 and 130 pounds.

How much does a male mongoose weight?

300 pounds

How much do male panda's weigh?

The majority of male Panda's weight about 200- 250 pounds.

How much does a mustached monkey male weight?

hoow much do moneys whigh

What is the color of a male jaguar?

Both female and male jaguars look the same. Males are bigger then females.

How much do male barn owls weight in cm?


How much does a male fell ponies weight?

That's kind of impossible to answer.....not all Fell's are the same weight =)

How much can a 40 year old male lift?

There is no limit to how much weight a 40 year old male can lift. Male who are in shape can life more than those who are unfit.

Why are male jaguars kept away from baby cubs?

theyll eat them

Do jaguars stay in a pack?

No, jaguars are solitary animals, and in general, they only come together in order to mate, and then they seperate. The male has no part in raising his cubs.

How much does an orangutan weight?

A male orangutan can weigh up to 220 pounds. A female weighs half of a male.