How much do mattracks cost?

You can buy extremely cheap ones from China on www alibaba dot com (is where are all made anyway!)

how much do mattracks cost for a four wheeler? any size.

You probably won't enjoy this answer but truth be known... As a very non-scientific rule of thumb, you can pretty much count on a set of these to cost roughly about as much as the vehicle you intend to put them on. I recently saw a USED set of 200 series mattracks with an asking price of $50,000. I also saw a set of USED 175 series mattracks on e-bay with an asking price of $30,000. I've seen used ones on eBay for smaller vehicles with asking prices anywhere from $8000 to $20000+ and for ATV's for a couple thousand + or so. Okay, like me, hearing this probably just gave you a sinking feeling. Here's the deal...though Mattracks are not the only track conversions out there, they are the BEST BY FAR. Their closest competition (American Track Truck) is less expensive (if you call wish to call a price tag of thousands of dollars "less") but they currently don't make any for full size vehicles and they most definitely aren't in the same class as the products mattracks puts get what you pay for. Mattracks are intended for those who are seeking a more economical and more flexible option to buying a purpose-built and very expensive dedicated tracked vehicle. They are pretty much limited to those with a bonified need and the budget that goes along with that need. For the ATV's and small vehicles you "might" find them within the average person's budgetary reach. Larger vehicles

Okay, so let's answer your question directly: Prices For A New Set Of Mattracks (November 2009) which I obtained from a Mattracks Dealer (There is some variability within the different models in each class though nothing too big relatively speaking, so these prices should be pretty representative of all the models within a particular series):

200-M1-A1 $70000 (68000 + $2000 for Steering Assist unit). The 200 series is designed for loaded medium duty trucks such as an F-450 or F-550

175-M1-A1 $40000 The 175 series is for the light end of medium duty or heavy end of light duty trucks. Think F-350 or F-450, perhaps even an F-250 if your planning on really loading it down.

150-M1-A2-SA $36500 Think the medium end of light duty trucks, such as an F-250 or an F-350 (or even the heavy end of the 1/2 ton market if you're planning on loading the truck down).

105-M1-A1 $26500 Think F-150, Expedition, Explorer, even down to the truly light end such as a Jeep.

88 Series (sorry didn't manage to get an actual fault) but they are pretty much designed for the really light end such as jeeps or some of the light/small 4WD SUV's. I was told they really aren't that much less expensive than the 105 series.

LiteFoot XT $5100 These are for ATV's. It was strongly suggested that you get an ATV with some sort of power assisted steering.

The Least Expensive Mattrack (barring the Trail-R-Mates for non-driven trailers, and no, I didn't check on the prices of the Track-Tor-Mates) is the LiteFoot XL which has NO internal suspension (think truly rough ride) which lists at $3400 new.

Yeah, I would LOVE to have a set of 150 or 175 series Mattracks for my truck, but until I win the lottery like you I will continue to wish... Perhaps someday...

Actually, American Track Truck produces the Dominator series tracks which sell for less than 1/3 the cost of Mattracks 105-M1-A1--making them a much more affordable alternative. They are intended for mid-size passenger vehicles such as Chevy Blazers, Jeep Cherokees, Ford Explorers, and some half ton trucks. The Dominator tracks are less than ½ the weight of the Mattracks, so they allow better floatation and require less power. They are more appropriate for the average person who wants to take their vehicle places where tires won't go-deep snow, ice, swamps, wetlands, mud, etc. They are not intended to be used on real heavy vehicles, or for purposes like rock crawling or desert warfare. If you have these kind of needs, save up and buy the Mattracks.