How much do medical assistant get paid in Georgia?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: How much do medical assistant get paid in Georgia?
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How much does a medical assistant get paid hourly?


How much does a Medical Assistant get paid Hourly in Texas?

$20 per hour usually

How much does a medical assistant get paid a hour in Ohio?

between 11-13 dollars and hour

How much do a medical assistant get paid?

by a check or by affairs with the boss u dumb s#!t

How does the salary paid for a data entry career job compare with that for a medical assistant position?

The salary for the medical assistant position is much higher than the salary paid for data entry career job. Possibly because medical assistants do more work.

How much does a certified medical assistant get paid in grand rapids Michigan?

The salary for a certified medical assistant will vary depending on employer and experience in Grand Rapids, MI. An experienced medical assistant will make an estimated $37,211 per year.

Does a medical assistant get paid more an hour than a daycare teacher?


How much does a medical assistant earn in TN?

They get paid a variety of pay rates. Some make $12.00 and some up to $23.00. I do not know what the highest they get paid,but I do know this range.

How much does a digital marketing manager get paid?

how much does a assistant manager gets paid

How much would you get paid with a medical assistant certificate?

the beginning hourly pay for a cetified medical assistant is usually between $12.00 and $14.00. where you choose to work, whether it is in a clinic or a hospital will determine your rate of pay also! i hope this information was helpful.(coco)

How much do medical assistants get paid in Minnesota?

Salaries for any job depend on the cost of living in the area. On average, a medical assistant working in Minneapolis makes about 34,000 dollars per year.