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how much do metal braces cost for all mouth

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Q: How much do metal braces cost for just the bottom?
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Are ceramic braces just as good as the normal ones?

Ceramic braces are just as good as the metal ones. Ceramic braces are less visible than metal ones but they can stain if you drink a lot of coffee, smoke etc. But this is usually not a problem, so you don't have to worry about that. Metal braces are the same as ceramic braces, except these are definitely not invisible. These never stain because they are metal and you can choose from different colours. Or you can get ceramic on top and metal on bottom, that's what I'm getting. I'm not getting ceramic on the bottom because you can't see the bottom teeth much. Hope this was helpful :)

Do braces on the upper teeth work without putting braces on the bottom ones too?

Ok So you Might Need Them On The Top And Bottom Or Just The Top Or Just The Bottom.

Can you have braces on the top only?

No you can't just have braces on your top teeth you can have them on your bottom teeth to.

Can you get braces on bottom teeth?

yes you can , you cna get bottom and top or just bottom or just top, depends on which teeth need it and what your orthodntists suggests

What do you do if you swallowed some of the metal of your braces?

Just drink your drinks and it will not do any harm

How much does braces cost if you have a gap?

Dentist do not usually apply braces just for a gap. You insurance usually have to approve the case but the average cost I'd 5000$

What is the most popular color for braces?

pinkThe most popular braces color would be no color at all. Most people just get plain metal.

How long after you get your braces can you eat pizza?

well today right after i got my braces i ate some pizza.... just cut it up real good and chew with your back teeth .. should be fine I got braces yesterday and they hurt like hell but then again it all depends on what braces you have are they top and bottom , just top or just bottom when you have full on rail way lines like me its extremely hard to chew so i just eat yogurt and ice cream if you got bottom you cant chew 4 at least a week but if u have just top ull be able to chew after you got ur braces hope i helped

Do people get to choose what color braces they want?

I think you can choose what color bands you want, for the front of your braces. Though the braces themselves are just silver, or metal-colored I guess. I really am not sure, since I have never had braces, but my friends have had them.

What are all the types of braces?

There are different types of braces as an option to the Patient. Below is the list of itMetal Braces ( Traditional Dental Braces)These are the traditional braces which consist of metal brackets and wires that most of the people picture when they hear the word braces. These are dental braces which are made up of high grade stainless steel which straighten your teeth using metal brackets and arch wires. These are the least expensive braces that are used in orthodontic treatment.Once installed the patient has to be more careful with what they eat. One should avoid eating gums or caramel that sticks to the brackets. The patient should avoid eating hard food as it may result in dislodgment of bracket. The cost of Metal braces starts from Rs. 27000 and then there is 3M Metal braces which has different price range. But the metal braces in generalCeramic BracesCeramic Braces are common alternative to the metal braces. Ceramic Braces are made up of tooth colored material which is usually less noticeable than the usual metal braces.They have tooth colored brackets that blend with the teeth and are of same size and shape as metal brackets. They are more expensive when compared to the traditional metal braces. Ceramic Braces stain easily if one does not maintain proper oral hygiene. Ceramic braces start with the range of Rs.30,000. It may vary a little depending on clinic and doctor. But not a very big variation.Lingual BracesLingual braces are same as metal braces, these are custom made and are bonded behind the teeth (lingual side) to remain out of site. A skillful orthodontist is required to install them. They are difficult to clean and are even more expensive than the ceramic braces. They can be uncomfortable initially but eventually patient gets used to it. The adjustments take longer time than traditional braces. The cost of Lingual braces ranges from Rs.72,000 and more depending upon the oral conditions.5) Self-Ligation Metal Brackets: These use more advanced technology in orthodontics or braces treatment which is called self-ligation. Self Ligation does not use elastics to hold the wires on the brackets and hence avoids the use of elastics and ligation wires. This allows the orthodontics to apply larger forces on the teeth thereby increase the pace or speed of the teeth movement. Due to this the treatment time is reduced. Also, in certain cases, extraction of teeth can be avoided by self-ligation which is not possible with traditional brackets. The cost of self-ligating braces starts by Rs.65000.6) Invisible BracesInvisible Braces are orthodontic devices that are a transparent, plastic form of dental braces used to adjust teeth. It is the most advanced teeth correction therapy.They align teeth just as braces do, but using a transparent, removable aligner.They align teeth just as braces do, but using a transparent, removable aligner. It starts with the range of Rs.65000/- till Rs. 1,00,000/-

Does it cost more to get rainbow braces?

No, it's like getting any other colored braces, the same price just different colors.

What are mini braces?

Mini braces are just smaller version of normal sized metal braces. They are about 30% smaller than conventional braces but just as strong. Preferred by teens and adults. They are far easier to keep clean which is a definite plus. The downside is they are quite abit more costly than conventional braces. Marielaina Perrone DDS

Are braces dorky?

no way!i have braces and if you think that they are dorky you have a low self esteem and if you are getting braces and are scared people will mock you just keep you friends close and hold your head high and show off metal mouth!

What metal could you use instead of silver so that it keeps its shine?

none,,,,,l say that metal is just metal and siver is just silver... you know what you should do with the metal and silver is....... turn them into braces, cuz you might need them one day!

When you get braces how do you prevent your lips from stretching?

It just feels like your lips are being stretched because you have metal braces on that may push your lip out slight, but trust me, you won't look like a Ubangi (with a plate in their lip LOL) when the braces come off and your lips will be just fine.

How do you kiss with braces?

I guess it's just like kissing wothout braces but you now have metal in your mouth... so just kiss how you normally would! it will probabbly feel a bit wierd at first but after practice (hee hee ;)...) im sure it will come naturally! and braces arent on forever! :)

Does Justin Bieber have braces?

He just got braces.

What is the difference between braces and rotaners?

Braces are metal bands/wires that are attached to the teeth and can only be removed by a dentist. A retainer is a small piece that is just one long wire that can be removed during meals, and eventually you just wear your retainers at night.

Why should you get braces with just a crossbite?

The braces will straighten the crossbite out.

Braces but your parents dont have enough money to get braces and you cant go on the waighting list what do you do?

Well I guess you just can't get braces. Or when your older you could save up money and get them yourself if braces are important to you. Braces can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, so it may be really hard but if you can raise the money then it might work, but why can't you get on the waiting list?

What is the cost of a retainer for a 14 year with straight teeth with an overbite will the she need braces or a retainer?

Either just braces or both. I am 10 yrs old and i got my molds for my retainer yesterday and i will have that for 1 year and a half to 2 years. then i will get my braces for 2 years.

My friend just got braces and three weeks later her lymph nodes are swelling. Can braces cause swollen lymph nodes?

Same here, I had Braces and about a couple of weeks later Lymph nodes started to get bigger. I think it is a reaction to the metal, Cement (Glue), Or the UV.

Has Justin Bieber had braces?

Justin Bieber had braces. They were just invisible.

Where to get a metal coat in pokemonfirered?

The Metal Coat is down the bottom of the Five Island area, by Memorial Pillar. Just follow your map.

what is Braces cost in Bhopal?

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