How much do newborn puppies need to eat when mom quits?

My vet recommend the Royal Canin food products. They have food types based the size your dog will be. My puppy is a large-breed dog so we gave her the MAXI Babydog 30 food which is for large-breed dogs right after they are weened until they are 5 months old. It's made especially for little puppies. They also have a generic puppy food. As far as how much food to give them, read the directions on the back of the food bag. But most baby dogs eat 2 cups of food twice a day since they are growing so much. However, if your dog is a small-breed dog they may need to eat less. After the babydog food, we gave her the large breed puppy food until she was 15 months old. Now she's just on the large breed dog food. Royal Canin as has small and medium breed food too.