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How much do soccer lessons cost?


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Instead Of Paying For Soccer Lessons Why Dont You Just Find One Of Your Friends That Can Play Very Good Or Will Teach You Or Find A Coach On A Soccer Team And Get Better And Better Each Time You Play.I Play Soccer My Self.


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Her flying lessons cost $1,000 .

It depends on where you want lessons.

more than golf lessons

45 $ a month for my lessons.

it cost about 250.00 dollors

My lessons cost $30 for a 45 minute- 1 hour lesson

Dance lessons and ballet lessons cost about thirty to fifty dollars a lesson. They cost a little more than most people would like but they are well worth the money.

tkd lessons vary . mine in £5 a lesson and an hour.

depends on who is teaching you and your age.

According to "TakeLessons" bass lessons can cost anywhere from $40-$276 per hour depending on your location and teacher.

Piano lessons typically cost forty dollars a week in the U.S, or around thirty pounds in the U.K.

Flying lessons can be expensive. It depends where you go for the lessons. Most will charge you at least $300 an hour. However, you will be getting the best lessons and teacher.

One Million Dollars bwahahaha!

The price for boxing lessons depends on the skill of the tutor giving them. Lessons from a prestigious tutor could cost upwards of 200 dollars.

It depends where you go Riding, In most places Riding lessons cost about £60 per lessons, 85 euros

Soccer balls can cost between $9 and $150, with most of them being about $20. It is reported that the average cost to make a soccer ball is around $1.00.

anywhere from $20 to a few thousand dollars


Depends on what team you go on.

take cheerleading lessons at school. well that all depends if you are OUT of school. then it would be awkward.

For beginners, ice skates will cost around $100-$200 depending on the skates. The lessons vary in costs, but group lessons will generally be cheaper than private lessons. Group lessons are usually around $20 per lesson - but you will have to buy a package. Individual lessons are typically around $100 per session.

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