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I'm a 6 year freight conductor for union pacific railroad in Houston Texas. Last year I earned $5000000.000000000000. You will find that you can move up in position all the time and you have all benefits and awesome retirement package that pays up to around 4000 a month.

College is expensive and by the time you pay it off your like 30 and starting your life a little later than if you have been saving for the things you really want and business you might want to start. you can always take night classes too to further your education.

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Q: How much do train conductors earn?
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How much does a railroad conductor earn in Canada?

There is no set limit to who much a railroad conductor will earn in Canada. Railroad conductors can earn as much as 80 thousand dollars a year.

What are the people called that sell railroad tickets?

The ones who sell them on the train, as in they take your money as you are on the train, are called conductors, the same as the train conductors who are driving the train that day.

How much do road train drivers earn?

Train drivers earn from £14000 to £15000 per month as trainees, and when qualified they get £25000 to £30000.

Are train tracks conductors or insulators?

The rails are good conductors The wooden ties they rest on are insulators

How much does a train conductor for Kansas City Southern earn?

how much do a kcs freight conductor makes

How much does a train engineer earn?

Around $125,000 a year, depending on what kind of engineer you are.

Are train conductors in Italy jerks?

Watch the closing doors!

How much do train drivers earn?

Average hourly wage of Locomotive Engineer and Operator is $25.88.

What is the person called who checks tickets on a train?

It depends on the railroad. Most often they are called Conductors but they can also be assistant conductors.

What do train conductors do?

Conductors may sell, check, or validate tickets. They also provide information and assistance for passengers. They are also responsible, along with any security personnel, for the safety of those on the train.

Are pennies insulators or conductors?

they are Conductors, not much for insulation though.

How much money does a train driver earn in canada?

They make about 35,000 dollars a year. It is not the highest paying job in Canada but train drivers make a decent living.

How much does a train driver earn per year?

Salary: Between pounds 20,500 and pounds 25,000 a year

How much money does a New York City MTA train cleaner earn?

They make approximately $15.00 an hour.

In the Song City of New Orleans how many conductors rode the train?


how to train for radiology how much do they earn?

Radiology Technician Schools is your guide for radiology technician training, classes, and programs.they can earn basic salary of between ?�29000 and ?�44000 in a year.

What are examples of a conductor?

Conductors facilitate the transfer of something. Electric conductors allow electricity to pass, Light conductors let light pass, heat conductors let heat pass. Train conductors let paying passengers pass.Copper and Aluminum are electric and heat conductors.Diamond is a light and heat conductor.Glass is a light conductor.

What are two different types of conductors?

Train Conductor and Orchestra Conductor. Or. Copper and Aluminum.

What is a caboose on an Irish train?

A caboose is a train car that is at the end of a freight train. They were first used as cabins for the train crew to use on long journeys. Later they functioned as conductors offices, kitchens and lookout shelters.

How much do orchestra conductors earn?

Although there certainly may be "standards" for this, most conductors are paid according to their experience and which orchestras they may have conducted in the past. Even those with equal experience levels, the salary ranges will vary according to geographic area, orchestra budgets, etc.

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How much money do eletrical engineers earn?

Depends on what industry you are referring to. Electrical, mechanical, aerospace, train, etc. Please be more specific.

Why are athletes overpaid?

because they train hard and earn the money they get

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