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1-2 dollars. In united states at least...

then how much in India?

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โˆ™ 2009-09-21 13:51:52
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Q: How much do white mice cost?
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How much do mice cost at petco?

white mice prices range from 2 to 3 dollars but fancy mice range from 5 to 8

How much do white mice cost in India?

Rs 50-Rs 100

How much do 9 mice cost?

it cost £29 for 9 mice

How much do pet mice cost at petland?

Mice at Petland are DIRT CHEAP!!! I don't exactly know how much but... white one are 1.99 and the tan one is 2.99

How much will 2 mice cost?

two mice cost £20 with cage but can be more in other shops.

How much do feeder mice cost?

They cost $3.81 a piece at petco.

How much do mice cost in Canada?

12 dollars

How much do mice cost in England?

they cost between 2-5 pounds

Are white footed mice endangered?

Not so much.

What are the similarities of white mice and dirty mice?

ones white the others black The question can be improved by asking about the similarities between white mice and brown mice. All mice can become dirty. And, the answer can be much improved by stating what the mice have in common since that is what is meant by similarities. By the way, where are these black mice? I have never seen one. Are there photos of them?

How much do mice cost at petsmart?

I believe they cost somewhere between $3-$6

How much do pet mice cost?

either 1.50$ or 5.00$

How much do 100 frozen pinky mice cost?

about 20$

How much do mice cost?

normal mice cost 2-3 dollars a fancy mice is about $6-$10 hairless mice are more expecsive $20 but there is still the cage to buy and food but they normally can eat just veggies

How much time white mice live?

Having had Mice as pets, I can tell you that their normal lifespan is about two human yeaars.

Are white mice field or house mice?

House Mice

What is the scientific name of a white mice?

white mice are the albinos of house micetheir scientific name is Mus Musculus

When was White Mice created?

White Mice was created on 1985-12-24.

When was Exploding White Mice created?

Exploding White Mice was created in 1983.

When did Exploding White Mice end?

Exploding White Mice ended in 1999.

Are field mice white mice?

No they are different.

How much mice cost in petsmart?

They cost about 10 to 25 dollars each. You should go buy one.

What are omens associated with mice?

Folk superstition indicates mice are the souls of the dead. White ones are saintly - black ones, not so much.

How much does White headed Capuchin cost?

IT"S NOT FOR SALE ID IT WAS IT WILL COST $1 as much as you cost

Do mice have white tails?

No. Their tails are pink if they are white (captive mice) and often shades of brown and grey in darker colored mice.