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Often, writers are not paid for the spec scripts, because these scripts function as a kind of business card to show prospective employers that a)you can write b)you can follow structure c)you know their genre, etc. If they are bought, WGA union pay rules apply.

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How do you be a screenwriter?

buy a decent screenwriting program that will format your scripts correctly. if you want to be a movie screenwriter then write a couple of spec scripts (speculation scripts) which does not include any transitions, camera angles or director advice. send them off to a decent competition, post them on or send them off to an agent and try and get them read. for tv screenwriting, you have to write at least one feature film spec script and a script for a tv episode. it's a lot harder to break into than film writing, which, by the way, is hard enough itself.

Where can i submit a film script I've written?

If you've written a script on your own, that script is called a 'spec' or speculation script.As the screenwriter of a spec script, you can continue your work by selling your script. You can look for producers or production companies who have produced scripts in the genre like yours. Make appointments with individuals and sell your script.You can submit your script to script writing contests to garner visibility. Producers routinely discard scripts that are submitted without reading them, based on intellectual property laws.

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