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How much do you have to make to qualify for low income housing?


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It's all based on the family size in which state you live in.

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You have to pay 30% of your income, so i will say you at the lest have to have a income.

How much can a person in Kansas make and still be considered low income.

Low income senior housing is much the same as traditional section 8, but the income requirements may sometimes be set a little bit higher. You also must be over a certain age to qualify for low income senior housing. Section 8 housing is available to anyone who qualifies based on their income. Senior low income housing is only available to seniors with low income.

If you recently have found out that you qualify for low income housing, then you may have a lot of questions. You may wonder what exactly low income housing is or what type of place you will be living in. Low income housing is housing designed to create decent living conditions for those below certain income levels. By living in low income housing, you will pay less money for a higher quality of living. The exact quality or standard of living varies widely from complex to complex. You may also hear low income housing referred to as HUD housing or Section 8 housing. These are all valid low income housing terms. Some cities have more low-income options than others. Some cities also have higher-quality low-income housing than others. Low income housing comes in all different varieties, from run-down old apartment complexes to new gated communities. Nowadays, you can never tell when a complex will be considered low-income. Low income housing has come a long way from the "projects" of the mid-twentieth century. There is no longer the stigma that low-income housing used to hold. Also, on average the living conditions nowadays are much better than they were twenty, thirty, or forty years ago. Do not feel ashamed that you qualify for low income housing. Of course, you should try to work to better yourself out of this position, but sometimes life happens. At least you know you can live in decent housing at an affordable price. Section 8 is designed to help you, not to make you feel embarrassed or ashamed. In fact, many Section 8 housing complexes have special workshops, activities, and other events that will help you get your foot out of the door and make more money so that you can live a better and more independent life. Just remember, when it comes to low income housing, you should not believe any stereotypes or make any assumptions. the face of Section 8 housing is changing. Things are only getting better and better. Section 8 housing is a stepping stone to a better life.

When you meet the rules to qualify for the earned income tax credit you can get $2 of the EITC if you have $1 to $50 of qualified income from the worksheet that comes with the 1040 income tax return.

And your past the time to file and claim it anyway - so regardless you lost it I believe, income of $600 was needed - and even without it other conditions could qualify.

I am 19, married, not pregnant, and our total income for 2013 was $4235. Do I qualify for medicaid?

When you qualify for the earned income tax credit and you have the qualified taxable earned income of 1 to 50 you can get 2 of earned income tax credit. And it also possible that could qualify for some of the making work pay tax credit. This would only happen when your income tax return is completely correctly.

Technically, there is no specific income. However, having made over a million dollars helps when running.

If your income is such that you can afford to rent an apartment without the assistance of the Housing Authority, then you will longer qualify for it. This depends on the area or jurisdiction you are renting from, the number of bedrooms you are qualified to have under the program, your family size, and your income. Generally, if your income is more than three times the amount of your rent with utilities (essential utilities, not cable or phone or cellular: gas, electric, other fuel for heating, garbage and sewer), then you are making too much money for the program to help you.

Yes, you can still be considered for housing assistance based on your income. The only thing you have to prove is that you don't own any properties and you don't have much money in your bank accounts.

Low income housing goes by how much you make from your gross pay a month , depending on where you live it can be anywhere from a hundred to two hundred a month .

I think the answer would be no...its EARNED INCOME must have earned taxable income for that yr in order to well you must make a certain amount to qualify..also you can not get it if you make to much

Yes, it's possible, there are companies that purchase these types of annuities. How much you'd get for it depends on the amount of the annuity, but also the credit rating of the issuer. noooooooooooooooooooo

Low income housing is housing like Apartments or fourplexes or duplexes or houses or any other government or HUD APPROVED housing, The agency funding the 'Low income housing' decides the rent or payment amount that will be passed on to the resident, It is generally based on the persons income and number of people in the familly. It can range from A small discount of the total payment to the agency paying 100% of the payment.

Yes, but if you get married, then the Housing Authority will add your new spouse's income as part of the total family income for that household, which could render you ineligible for the program if that income is too much.

When times are hard, it is good to know about the options available that might help. Although many programs are available, paying for living expenses is an important part of getting through difficult times. Low income housing is only one option available to help reduce the burden of paying for normal expenses until it is possible to find alternative solutions or increase the income level to pay for normal needs.Housing OptionsLow income housing is a term used to describe housing options that are designed around the needs of those who have a low income level or have struggles that are making it difficult to pay for normal expenses. In most cases, the housing options are provided by the state government and require a much lower rent than the normal housing in the area.The options that are available will vary based on the location and the income level. In most cases, the state department of housing will have details about the areas where affordable housing is available and the cost. The state housing department can provide options based on the location and the income level.Qualification for HousingAlthough housing options are available that have lower expenses, it is not always easy to qualify for the housing. Low income housing options are usually provided to those who fall below the federal poverty level. In some states, a slightly higher income level might apply if the state has a higher than average living expense. Further requirements are limited because the housing options are designed around the needs of those who are struggling to manage normal living expenses.Low income housing provides the opportunity to pay for expenses without the cost getting out of control. The housing options that are available are run by the state, but the rent in the housing is usually reasonable based on the needs of the family. By using low income housing, it is possible to manage other expenses much easier and avoid further challenges related to high living costs.

Given that a reasonable estimate of the price of a home should not exceed 2 1/2 times your income, you would need a $60,000 annual income to purchase a $150,000 home.

Only when you qualify for the earned income tax credit and have some amount of the qualifying earned income funds that you worked for and you complete your 1040 federal income tax return completely and correctly will you know how much of the EITC you might qualify for with a qualifying child that was born before the end of the tax year.

Based on income & how many borrowers. You should qualify before starting shopping.

Persons with dependent (minor) children whose income is too high for Medicaid may qualify for the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

At the federal level, you can make 80% of the poverty line. States can set their own limits for state programs, however.

There isn't a simple answer to this question. You have to pay taxes on even a dollar of certain kinds of income, but a person with just wages could make as much as about $9600 (more, if they're married or qualify for "head of household" status, or any of several other conditions) without owing anything.

Gross is how much you make all together, and net income is how much you make after taxes and stuff

if i make 62000 net income how much in oas do i have to pay back

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